A Strong Website Development Strategy is Key to the Site’s Success

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Great websites are always created with a winning development strategy
behind them. Whether you are creating a whole new site or you’re
embarking onto a unique website redesign experience, having a solid
website development strategy in place is mandatory if you want to

With a development strategy, you ensure that your website
complements and fulfills your business goals. You also ensure that you
have a clear funnel in place and you can easily take prospects from the
awareness stage up to the consideration and then to the purchase phase.
Your end goal is to convert people who land on your site and turn them
from prospects into loyal customers.

At 92 West, we strongly
believe that having a proper website development strategy in place will
give you an unfair advantage over your competitors in the long run. We
are continually developing effective and engaging sites that are
optimized for lead generation and customer satisfaction. We focus on UX,
UI and sales driven websites.

When developing sites, we focus on
many aspects of a website development strategy. However, we consider
that the following three aspects are the most important. Let’s take a
closer look at them:

1. Website Architecture and Navigation

site architecture does matter, especially when it comes to visitor
satisfaction and engagement rate. If you want to boost your conversion
rates, you need to have a website that is super easy to navigate and
allows the user to spend as little as five seconds finding the
information they are interested in.

Website navigation includes
all the links on your site. The information architecture includes all
the information on your site and the links between the content. When
talking about navigation & architecture, you need to hit a fine line
and balance where you want to send the user and where he wants to go.

order to achieve the best website navigation possible, we’re looking at
the advanced data from Google Analytics together with other types of
information such as heatmaps, conversions and engagement on page.

2. Search Engine Optimization

or Search Engine Optimization, is a must-do if you want to capitalize
on all that free organic traffic to your site. In the past few years,
keyword research is more about user intention and less about optimizing
each page for a certain keyword.

With advanced algorithms, machine
learning and Google Bert, you need to outsmart your competitors by
using as many LSI and long-tail keywords as possible on each page. You
need to offer meaningful, high-quality content on each page that answer
peoples’ questions and enables them to engage with your site.

help you out, we’re using a wide range of features and tools for finding
the right keywords for your site and then creating SEO friendly content
that converts. We focus on creating content that fulfill the intent of
users and entices them to further want to explore your site.

3. Content Plan

we ensure that your site has high-quality, unique content that
incorporates high value keywords. We study your audience using tools
like website analytics, Facebook pixel, surveys or customer feedback,
and we create content tailored to the needs of your audience.

always develop content into context, so that each site visitor to your
site, regardless of the buying stage they’re in, can get deeper down the
funnel and ultimately convert.

Need more information about
developing a winning website strategy? Do not hesitate to contact us at
402.620.2633 for your next project or perhaps a review of your current

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92 West is a branding, digital marketing, web design and advertising agency focused on helping brands discover their true voice and sense of purpose; genuinely inspiring audiences.

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Building a Brand Strategy

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Brand Strategy Roadmap

Contrary to popular belief that a brand is all about a logo,
color patterns, and other visual identities, it is actually that unique thing
that makes your company stand out among the competition. A superior brand helps an organization to
create meaningful relations with employees, customers, and investors, as well
as build trust. However, the most daunting task is to create a strong brand
that will dominate in the crowded marketplace?
This is where the Brand Roadmap Strategy comes in handy.

A Brand Strategy
Roadmap helps elevate the value of your enterprise in the eyes of employees,
investors, and customers. At 92 West, we build commerce through culture and business with brand! We deep dive into what makes your company tick and craft a comprehensive brand strategy roadmap. With a hands-on approach that is backed by in-depth research, we work with our clients to create premium brands that resonate with their clients.

This is done by conducting thorough market research, workshops, and
interviews and leveraging various techniques that help initiate meaningful
discussions; bringing all stakeholders to the same page.

Why Brand Strategy

There are myriad of reasons why the Brand Strategy Roadmap is
crucial for your business’ brand development, but the greatest of all is the
fact that it provides insights and guidelines that aid you in controlling brand
consistency in various customer touch points. This, in turn, will help lower
the cost of your branding initiatives.

To deliver exceptional results, the Brand Strategy Roadmap
examines and assesses various aspects of your business including:

  • Vision -Where your
    brand is heading?
  • Values – The values
    you select should provide an answer to this question; “What do you stand for”?
  • Mission – A defined
    strategy that outlines what you will do to achieve your vision.
  • Customers –
    Understanding the unique needs, hopes and challenges of your customers.
  • Target Market –
    defining the niche your brand is targeting.
  • Authenticity – What
    differentiates your brand from the rest?
  • Benefits – How does
    your brand benefit the customers both functionally and emotionally?
  • Touch Points – Which
    are the various customers’ touch points in your business and how to market your
    brand at every position?
  • Proof Points – For
    what reasons should people trust your brand?

With proprietary metrics, advanced tools, and useful market
insights, we help design consistent and sustainable branding strategies that
aid in the creation of a strong brand that not only communicates your vision
but also offers excellent value to your customers.

Benefits of Having a
Superior Brand

Gives Your Enterprise a
Competitive Advantage

One way of gaining a competitive over the rest of the players
in your field is creating a strong brand. The Brand Strategy Roadmap boasts a
vast array of methodologies that can help to manage brand consistency at
minimal costs.

Inspires Confidence and
Trust from People

With a great brand, you will be able to attract the right
people to your enterprise. Having a reliable brand can help reduce employee
turnover rate by 28% and the cost of recruitment by half. With a mission to
enhance company alignments and employee engagement, the Brand Strategy Roadmap
instills a sense of purpose in the entire organization.

Attract Investors

A strong brand will also bring the best investors to you. It
is no secret that investors love companies that have brands that are dominant
in the market. The Brand Strategy Roadmap provides useful information and tools
that help investors understand the value of your strategies so that they can
support your company’s endeavors

Which Activities Are
Incorporated In The Brand Strategy Roadmap?

For the Brand Strategy Roadmap to be successful, we perform a
variety of tasks.

Activities That Involve

I. Business Reviews
II. Team Reviews
III. #1: Workshop to
know who you are.
IV. #2: Workshop to
know your customers are.
V. #3: Workshop to
understand your position in the market.
VI. #4: Workshop to
learn about the customers buying experience.
VII. Final Meeting
and Presentation

Activities from 92 West

1. Preliminary
Industry Research
2. Current
Collateral Review
3. Research and
Audience Definition
4. Competitive
5. Brand Pyramid
6. Brand Development
and it involves Logo, Identity Guidelines, Brand Launch Plan and Brand Roadmap

How The Brand Strategy
Roadmap Works

While the process is complex and can take from one to two
months, we don’t use pre-designed content, but work with the information that
is provided by the company at that moment. 

The Brand Strategy Roadmap Involves:

Learning About Your

We seek to get critical information about your business
through preliminary industry research, workshops, and interviews that are
centered on your brand’s vision, mission and core values. Audits of your
existing marketing collateral materials are also conducted.

Defining Your Customers

Four our agency to
develop the personas to whom the branding activities will be aimed at, we
conduct workshops and analyze the various market segments. This step involves
in-depth customer data analysis, research, and when needed, surveys can also be

Understanding Your
Position in the Market

With rigorous competitive research that is followed by a
workshop, we try to find out the unique market position of your enterprise.
Additionally, we also audit the top competitors in your target market. From the
data collected, we obtain a brand pyramid that showcases the exact position
your company and identify the supporting proof points that help us to develop a
brand blueprint for your organization.

Customer Experience

By initiating guided discussions, we identify the customer’s
touch points and try to understand where the opportunities to strengthen your
brand exists. This helps to reinforce the
brand value, enhance the brand experience, and increase the money customers

Brand Development

After our thorough process of reviewing and analyzing your
company, we reconcile our work and ensuring that we did not omit anything.
Then, we transition the brand we have developed into an authentic logo and a
set of visual and messaging brand plans. Finally, we meet with you for the last
time to present our findings and make recommendations.

If you feel that your company’s brand needs an overhaul, make
an effort to inquire about our Brand Strategy Roadmap process, and we will be happy to
provide details and costs.

Call us at 402.620.2633 or by clicking to request a quote.

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92 West | Branding + Strategy + Web Design

92 West is a branding, digital marketing, web design and advertising agency focused on helping brands discover their true voice and sense of purpose; genuinely inspiring audiences.

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Tips on Developing a Digital Marketing / Media Strategy for 2017

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Digital Marketing Essentials for Developing an Effective Media Strategy

Statistics show that more people are watching online videos on YouTube and other related media platforms with the trend expected to grow even more throughout 2017. Thankfully, technology is making this even easier to implement through the use of standard professional software, but also through basic applications you can leverage on your smartphone or tablet. For this post, I’ve listed several effective ways in which you can utilize these opportunities and promote visibility for your brand or clients; which will promote growth!

Focus on Mobile

Despite featuring small screens, mobile gadgets can help to create deep and personal connections between brands and their intended audience. Frankly, research has shown that ads running on a smartphone / tablet can play quite a significant role in growing audience reach. In one of resent client campaigns, we found out that over 40 percent of its campaign’s reach came from audiences using mobile; and with specifying the audience’s prior purchase history we were able to maximize sales.

So, mobile ads can provide overwhelming results and should prominently feature in your media plan. 

Geofencing. Demographics. Online Purchasing Habits… it’s all there for you to take advantage of while you are planning your next campaign.

Please note that if your campaign doesn’t have a sound strategy for acquiring the lead / sale once they’ve been lead to the final landing page, your results (and sales) will reflect this failure… which brings us to optimizing your content.

Optimize Your Content for Your Audience’s Needs

One of the main strengths of 92 West lies in our ability to assist you pinpoint the audience that has shown the most interest in your brand.

For example, we found out that viewers are twenty-three times more likely to visit a brand channel, watch more of the brand, share videos of the brand, or subscribe to its channel if they completed a minimum of two ads; maximizing exposure and allowing for us to develop a control peice.

Popularity of content and engagement levels should, however, be considered by advertisers seeking to reach audiences interested in specific genres of content. Studies show that there’s a higher possibility for brand lift for adverts running more engaging content.

Brands can easily access YouTube’s most popular channels and their ardent fans since the channels are aggregated into lineups by Google Preferred, which also provides your digital marketing campaigns with additional reach. To optimize results on YouTube, Google Preferred, Facebook and Instagram should be used along each other.

Incorporate Affinity Targeting in Demographic Targeting 

An effective media plan should be able to help you connect with the right audience. And while targeting a specific demography is very important, factoring in affinity segments enables you to target people who are even more engaging and qualified, based on their interests, needs, and habits.

Affinity audiences can grant you a massive reach and increase your brand awareness on mobile. When used together, the combination of both affinity targeting and demographic targeting has been proven to have profound reach as shown in the findings below: 

– Higher levels of brand awareness

Adverts that utilized both demographic and affinity targeting better reached audiences that had prior awareness of the brand.

– More view-through rates

This is the number of clicks advertisers receive on their ads, divided by the number of impressions. The audience reached was more inclined to watch the ad rather than skip it.

– A 5% growth in relative lift in Ad recall

This was when it was compared to when the ads incorporated only demographic targeting alone.

With a least 80 unique affinity audiences on YouTube, consider combining affinity targeting with your demographic specifications to maximize the impact of your campaigns. 

Combine YouTube and TV

Powerful video ads are only as effective as the strategy used for their distribution. As such, it’s important to spread out your video ads across the platforms to reach as many people as possible and optimize the impact of your campaigns.

Research has revealed that video campaigns that incorporate YouTube and TV ads achieve much higher results. For example, it was found that that skippable ad formats were more effective in promoting brand awareness and ad recall from one paid view on YouTube and a single appearance on TV than when featured twice on TV.

The same research found out that advertising on both YouTube and TV can help increase your brand reach to people aged between 18 and 49 by at least 56%. This, therefore, explains why YouTube and TV are such a powerful combination that be incorporated in any marketing campaigns for maximum results.

It is our hope that the above pointers will help make it easy for you to devise an effective media strategy for 2017. As usual, if you need any assistance on digital marketing for your business, be sure to check with us here at 92 West and we’ll be quick to guide you. Contact us today at 402.620.2633!

Some Video Editing / Creation Tools!

There are litterally hundreds / thousands of apps that can do video editing…. so I’ve only listed a few that we’ve leveraged on the fly here.  They are quick, easy and cost under $10.00 each.

VidLab: Cool app that allows you to generate a slideshow or a video and has some nice in-app purchases available.
Adobe Spark Post: Easy to make animated gifs and marketing materials for any platform.
Abobe Spark Video: A great story telling app with a built in recorder to assist you promote any product / service.

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92 West | Branding + Strategy + Web Design

92 West is a branding, digital marketing, web design and advertising agency focused on helping brands discover their true voice and sense of purpose; genuinely inspiring audiences.

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How To Build an Objective-Driven SEO Strategy

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You or your web guy might ask themselves “How can a I create an effective SEO strategy that has a lasting impact?”; knowing that there are at least 500 Google algorithm updates being made annually? Great question!

Well, it would only safe to say that there’s no one-fit-all answer for this question. We all know that a profitable SEO strategy is one that’s able to bring in conversions and other tangible results to your business. And to achieve this, the first (and possibly most important thing) you need to do is to define the purpose of your business and spell out the objectives you’re hoping to accomplish. This way, you will be able to measure your success more objectively since there’s more to SEO than just keyword ranking.

According to the Google Search Quality Guidelines issued in November 2015, the main role of task search quality evaluators is to determine the purpose of a site and figure out whether it meets its intended purpose. This document gives us an insight on just how much Google is keen on understanding websites and their impact on intended users. As Matt Cutts (Google’s former head of web spam) stated in 2014, Google’s main purpose is to yield great search results for its users. 

Building a Successful SEO Strategy

As explained, the first step in building a successful SEO strategy is to identify and define the purpose of your site. Everything else is dependent on this.

Different webmasters create their sites for various reasons. Let’s outline some of them below:

  • To contribute information about various topics.
  • To express viewpoints and opinions.
  • To market products or services.
  • For entertainment.
  • For sharing files and software.
  • For inquiries and feedback on various things.

This list goes to prove that the purpose of a site is what helps to determine its SEO strategy. For this reason, if your website seeks to serve multiple purposes such as marketing products, or services and sharing files, then defining the objective of each section of the site will help steer your business in the right direction.

But, what’s next after defining the purpose? There are plenty of things to consider especially when searching for keyword ranking that generate the right traffic on your site.

Back in March, Andrey Lipattsev who works for Google said that the search engine’s algorithm utilizes RankBrain, content, and links as the primary ranking signals.

However, considering that a lot still remains unknown as regards RankBrain, we’ll just focus more on what we’re sure about- links and content.

Good, Relevant Content

Content is the fundamental reason people visit any website. Indeed, this is the reason it remains king when it comes to SEO. Your site’s objective will determine the nature of your content. It is, therefore, very important for your intended audience to connect with it since it is one of the central factors of ranking.

Most people who perform searches online are making inquiries. They are trying to find solutions for their problems, keeping up with the latest trends across the world, seeking entertainment, and the list continues.

When creating SEO content, therefore, you need to factor in the inquiries that your target audience is making and provide valuable and comprehensive answers to them. A good understanding of this will give you a clue of your intended users and the keywords they use to search for answers. In my opinion, a good keyword should focus on the user and not on traffic. Heavy traffic does not necessarily mean relevance.

The keywords should reflect the general purpose and objective of the site. This will put your SEO strategy in context and guarantee that the traffic you receive on your site is from people that are interested in being on your site and interacting with you.

Below are some best practices to use when researching a keyword.

Selecting the Right Keywords

Your brand should form the basis of your keyword strategy. The keywords should be focused on your brand, product or service generates traffic from those who may have a remote know-how of what you do. 

After compiling a list of keywords based on your brand, you can find relevant terms by combing through your competitors’ content as well as your own site. Tools like Google Trends and sites such as Quora will help you understand the kind of content that people are searching for. You can also find prospective customers on the vibrant social sites.

You can then use a research tool to verify traffic and competition for your list of keywords. In summary:

  • Identify keywords related to your brand.
  • Search through your content as well as that of your competitors for additional keywords.
  • Compile a list and check it against a research tool.

Effective Link Building Strategy

Backlinks play an important role in any SEO strategy. Due to their effectiveness, most people have been using them to cheat the system which ends up giving them a bad reputation.

Thankfully, Google is pretty effective at identifying and penalizing anyone trying to use link building spams to get rankings. However, link building should not be ignored as it is an effective way of directing relevant traffic to your site. An effective strategy for building links makes good use of context, not just content. Any link needs to make sense and so you must consider both the content and context for an effective link-building strategy.

For you to achieve significant success with links, the first thing you need to focus on is to offer valuable and useful content on your site. Reach out to relevant sites in your area of specialization and build relevant links. If your site has great content, trust me you will receive links to it. As such, after coming up with useful content, promote it to relevant sites and industries and be consistent while at it. Building effective links takes time. Please note that you should not focus on only the number of backlinks that can earn you more money. Rather, your main focus should be on the quality of the backlinks.

Identify Your Objective and Work to Achieve It

In an increasingly cutthroat online world, sites that focus on building a strong base and creating value for their intended users are the ones that will achieve durable success.

Defining the objective of your site and using that as a basis for creating your search strategy will enable you to not only achieve your goals but also impress your audience and make your backlinks more valuable.

Are you struggling to create a rewarding SEO strategy for your business? Please don’t hesitate to reach us here at 92 West to find out how we can assist you get your business out there and your goals achieved!

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92 West | Branding + Strategy + Web Design

92 West is a branding, digital marketing, web design and advertising agency focused on helping brands discover their true voice and sense of purpose; genuinely inspiring audiences.

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Build Your Business: The Creation of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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Having a sound digital marketing strategy is crucial to your business regardless of whether you run a small firm that only sells a few products, or a larger one dealing with hundreds of different products and services. If you haven’t prioritized this area in your company, then it’s time to give it the much-deserved thought and craft a digital marketing plan. This will in turn help your business keep up with the fast-pacing business environment.

Read on to discover the five crucial actionable steps on how to create an effective digital marketing strategy.

1. Set Your Business Goals

In this step, you’ll first need to define the overall mission and objectives of your business. As such, your desired digital marketing plan should then comfortably fit into this overall plan.

At this stage, it is important that you set realistic objectives, preferably by revisiting your previous digital marketing pursuits to help you avoid placing your bar either too high or too low. Additionally, identify an automated method to help you track your performance, e.g. Google Analytics to help you measure conversions.

2. Analyze the Past by Referencing Benchmarking Reports

This step is closely related to the one above which means you could even conduct the two simultaneously. It involves analyzing past success or failures that you might have had with previous digital marketing attempts. Doing this helps you focus on setting efficient performance indicators (KPIs) for your business. Use reputable tools such as Google’s Benchmarking Reports and Google Analytics to measure your performance. This should be conducted within a specified span that you could set in your Google Analytic calendar for easier tracking.

In business, it’s always important to have your competition in mind in everything you do. As such, analyzing your competitors’ digital strategies is a crucial task you should never forget to carry out. Make use of tools such as SEMrush, RankingCoach, MOZ etc. to help you identify their SEO strategy and all other online activities that have been bringing them marketing success.

3. Speak to Your Audience

It is easy to get overwhelmed with your planning and other related tasks as demanded by your digital marketing campaign. This might even go to the extent of forgetting the most important component in the mix- your audience. However, this should never be the case if you’re looking to achieve success with your digital marketing plan.

So, what should you do? Begin by collecting all the necessary demographic information of your target consumers such as age, gender, location, etc. Get to learn their problems, aspirations, fears and everything else that could easily stir their reactions. It is through this knowledge that you can communicate and forge a lasting relationship with them.

4. Identify Your Budget

This step involves taking stock of your business’s existing resources to help you determine how well you’re prepared to partake your digital marketing campaign. Formulate a realistic digital marketing budget that takes into consideration crucial resources such as the size of your current team, money available and your current digital marketing channels.

5. Write Down Your Plan and Adjust as Needed

One thing you’ll need to acknowledge is the fact that your digital marketing plan is never going to work as perfectly as it promises on paper. As such, it is important to have an open mind and continuously monitor and measure the performance of your strategy. Through this, you can then make any adjustment where needed.


Integrating a detailed digital marketing strategy into your grand marketing plan is crucial for your business success especially in this digital era. It helps you take advantage of the growing opportunities online while increasing your company’s visibility on the market. Implement the five-step process outlined here and stand a better chance of seeing off your competition.  

Want Help? 92 West can create a digital marketing plan and even manage it for you!

Call 402.620.6233 or request a quote at https://www.92west.com/contact/request-a-proposal today!

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92 West | Branding + Strategy + Web Design

92 West is a branding, digital marketing, web design and advertising agency focused on helping brands discover their true voice and sense of purpose; genuinely inspiring audiences.

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92 West. Creative Design. Original Concepts.

It’s been almost ten years since my brother and I took on the challenge of building a design agency and we’ve learned quite a bit… changed the way we did business… improved other peoples brands and have helped many companies create a strategy for success. I’m happy to say that we’re as thrilled now as we were then.  The excitement behind building a brand or helping an established business find ways to reinvent their look and establish relationships with new customers. Truly, this is one of the great paths in life… a road that allows us here at 92 West to positively effect businesses and leave a meaningful and lasting impact on our clients customers.

Over the next few months we’re going to be putting together a number of video’s up on our blog that will help explain various aspects of design and branding building… even some of the basic SEO strategies we use to improve placement.  For now though, I’ve included a list of what we do below and should your needs fit our services we’d love to hear from you.

Troy Kadavy
Creative Director
92 West

Brand Strategy:
A brand is a source of a promise to the consumer; it’s a simple truth in marketing. The promise is relevant with differentiated benefits. Everything an organization does should be focused on enhancing delivery against its brand’s promise.

Combining a few different definitions, a brand is the name and symbols that identify:
– The source of a relationship with the consumer
– The source of a promise to the consumer
– The unique source of products and services
– The single concept that you own inside the mind of the prospect
– The sum total of each customer’s experience with your organization

Leading organizations have discovered that brands, as well as their people, are their most valuable asset. A strong brand will deliver substantial benefits. Contact 92 West and we will help you spearhead this effort and release the full potential of your brand.

Identity and Logo Design

We at 92 West believe the best design will always start with a deep understanding of the brand and the consumer. That’s why our design process begins with an immersion into the marketplace, the brand and, most importantly, we dive deep into the minds of the people most likely to buy your brand. Just not a great look, it is a relevant design with the power to inspire and move someone.

Logo Design / Identity Creation
Brand and Identity Management
Brand Positioning

Graphic Design – Print

ah… the smell of paper stock

The  visual identity of your company serves to reinforce a consumers’ perceptions of the value and quality of the company’s goods and services. A consistent application of the identity across different media serves to create a unified brand experience for a company’s customers.

Collateral materials such as business cards, letterhead, brochures, and presentations are all opportunities for a company to communicate its brand. Our print materials provide a consistent, accurate expression of a company’s positioning and distinctive attributes.

Stationary Packages
Business Cards
Postcards / Direct Mail
Letter Shop
Newsprint & Magazine
Banners & Displays

Web Design & Website Development

the language of geek… we speak it well

Whether the objectives are to create a new business channel, customer support, or to deliver a message, a company’s presence on the web is just as important as your brick and mortar influences.  92 West balances the business requirements while keeping in line with the customer needs and budget criteria.

Web Design & Development
Content Management Systems
E-Mail Template Design
BLOG Install / Design
E-Commerce Sites
Banner Ad Development
SEO Services
ActionScript 3.0 and 2.0
PHP, ASP, ColdFusion


Basic Hosting
10 GB bandwidth
500 MB storage
5 domains
10 email accounts

Business Hosting
30 GB bandwidth
2000 MB storage
20 domains
20 email accounts
C-PANEL access

Professional Hosting
50 GB bandwidth
4000 MB storage
unlimited domains
unlimited email accounts
C-PANEL access


point. click. shoot.

Quality images of your staff and products are all part of your daily business needs.  We balance your needs with a solid product that you can use time and time again.

Staff Photography
Product Shots
Photo Touch-Up
Architecture Shots

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