American Design Award Winner

American Design Awards
American Design Awards

In December 92 West released version three of the website. With sound copy, creative design and great clients to showcase our abilities we were able to win this award. 92 West officially scored a 98 of a possible 100 and were the best of 381 entries.

The monthly competition is based on the following criteria and point structure.
Creativity: 40 Points
Creativity is the most important aspect in design. It refers to the unique artistic method in which the intended goal was acheived.

Effectiveness: 30 Points
Design and creativity aside, does the design piece effectively communicate the intended message to the audience?

Practicality: 30 Points
How does the design measure up in real-life circumstances in terms of speed and load times, accessibility, flow, etc.?

Ethics: Pass or Fail
A set of values by which the graphic design industry needs to abide by, in order to become successful and viable.

92 West is proud of what we have done and we are looking forward to what the new year brings.

Best wishes!

Troy Kadavy
Creative Director
92 West

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Suite C
Omaha, Nebraska 68137
t. 402.620.CODE
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