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Sunrise Business Cards, a long standing client of 92 West, wanted to have his site refreshed while utilizing the same content as before.  We took a look at the site and made some quick, but key adjustments in the area of the mobile web; most notably the removal of the flash navigation and increased the width of the site to match modern monitor display resolutions.  The changes were fast and cost effective.

Sunrise Business Cards







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Website Modifications

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Mobile Application Development

The Midland’s Business Journal recently tapped our expertise for an article on mobile application development and I figured I’d share the original excerpt that was sent for their general use.  Enjoy!

What have you noticed with regard to interest from your clients/prospect clients in mobile apps?
Mobile applications are becoming a frequent research request with our current clients and in the last year we’ve seen a significant increase in inquiries from business and entrepreneurs alike.   Their needs have ranged from practical apps individuals can use regularly, gaming, online shopping with direct client contact to apps that are integrated into a web based content management system.  In particular, most companies that have contacted us for development are interested in creating functional applications that their employees or members can benefit directly from or allow their people to streamline processes; saving time and money.

What are some examples of projects you have worked on, particularly unique clients or undertakings, in this space?
We’ve been fortunate in our development and integration and have created apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Tablet. In particular, one of the apps that we are most proud of was our efforts with the IBEW Local 22 Union application.  This app was cross platformed and optimized for iOS and Android devices and is integrated into a web based content management system which can upload data to phones for use later when there is not an internet connection available. The purpose of the app was to assist members and potential union members to see job calls, business development and to join if you are a non-member.  Furthermore, Union members can login, pay union dues, easily resign and track various forms and now can sign-up / pay for educational classes provided by the Union.  As the app has been released, there has been a steady adoption of the app and a very positive response from union members. Truly, a fine example of how cooperation and a detailed understanding of goals results in success.

What are the biggest misconceptions you encounter from your clients about the app development process or just in apps in general and their biz benefit?
The largest issue we’ve found is the misconception that an app is simply a website that is available on a phone; rather than an application that can offer much more.  A mobile app has the ability to leverage it’s direct connection to the owner of the phone and provide services / information such as geolocation, camera and voice integration, calendar integration and a link to business contacts at their fingertips.  All of this without having the need to type an address or reference a bookmark.

What are some ways our readers/your existing clients or prospects can make the process a little easier for you and assure the best outcome?
Businesses and individuals can benefit greatly by contacting a professional to get an initial list of needs established and then working from that starting point to plan and document the functions / processes that will be needed for the end user to operate the app and also provide the best user experience.  Like most projects, the better the planning the faster and less costly the process.

 What else would you like to add, with regard to suggestions for our readers who are considering apps for their ventures? Or just with regard to apps in general?
When considering the creation of an app I would recommend looking into the existing products that are out, and if there is something similar, look into the pros and cons behind the interface, graphics and process.  Improvements are everywhere and creating a great user experience encourages continued use and also makes it easy to expand your base.  Another consideration is what market you’ll be targeting and if your user base is more likely to use an iPhone, iPad, Tablet or Android device.  Each requires programming specific to the platform and can increase costs significantly.

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Our company specializes in turning dreams into realities. As a premier advertising agency, we can truly put all your ideas into fruition. Based in Omaha, Nebraska, we feature a talented, yet select group, of graphic designers, web specialists, and marketing experts. Our technology and IT professionals also ensure optimal performance and delivery. Whether its graphic design, website design, or even mobile application development, we have the tools and expertise to achieve your desired results. With years of extensive industry experience, we continue to create captivating websites for new and existing clients. From eye catching images to innovative concepts, our creative advertising services offer a blend of marketing, strategy, technology and design.

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Whether its a new or existing commercial venture, we can help your company establish brand validity and awareness. This helps generate both leads and revenue, while effectively marketing your products and services to mass audiences. We also employ the latest SEO tools to secure higher rankings for your sites on leading search engines. With social media integration, we help your company generate a buzz that secures timely and lasting results. For any business to success, strategic marketing and identity are simply two crucial factors. At 92 West, we formulate strategies that target your core audiences, while ensuring all your needs are met within time and budget.

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In recent years, mobile applications have soared in global popularity. From I-Phones to I-Pads, millions are using wireless devices for news, shopping, and entertainment purposes. At 92 West, our highly dedicated team specializes in mobile application development. Whether for commercial or personal use, our certified experts have created industry leading apps across vast digital networks. If you have an idea for an app, we can make it a reality. Our experts create apps that engage mass consumers, while securing practicality and interactivity at its finest. Our talented and professional team also specializes in corporate identity packages. This includes websites, business cards, logos, and even stationery and product/instruction cards. No matter what our clients need, they are guaranteed professional designs and services across the board.

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92 West uses a pro-active approach to any endeavor. In fact, we are committed to excellence for all our clients and customers. As a results-focused advertising agency, we can enhance any online marketing or advertising campaign. We also create SEO friendly sites that attract customers and increase web traffic. Whether its promotional videos, business advertisements, or crisp and clear visuals, we create multi-media packages that are guaranteed to produce results. Our experts also specialize in photographic projects and media kits. No matter what you or your company needs, our professional team ensures timely deliverables and professional creative services.

When it comes to websites, long gone are the days of lengthy content. In fact, customers want precise and concise content that easily connects them to what they are looking for. At 92 West, we offer a myriad of digital solutions that are guaranteed to produce. We can create unique and original layout that are specific to all your needs and wants. With strategic keyword placement, we offer a range of SEO tools that are implemented for all clients and customers. These protocols are necessary in attracting visitors, while showcasing your site and securing higher visibility. In order to reap the benefits of our creative services, however, you need to schedule a consultation. This enables us to access your goals and aspirations, while developing strategic plans to turn your ideas into realities.

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92 West is your source for the best in marketing and advertising. From website creation to advertising collateral, we specialize in all forms of site enhancement and marketing. If you are struggling to attract online customers, we can help drive traffic to your online site or blog. We also create aesthetically pleasing sites that will enhance any online business or endeavor.

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92 West | We’re in the Ideas Business

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92 West‘s Portfolio & Advertising / Marketing Services:

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