92 West Launches New Site for PEP-Perspectives.com

PEP-Perspectives co-founder Sam came to Tom Luke, 92 West’s co-owner, to discus the potential of an online community for women who are passionate, empowering and positive. The website required a content management system (CMS), a way to track and post advertisements and a blog to allow women to comment on current articles and or experiences. Our solutions incorporated all of these aspects in a dynamic but cost effective way. Also included were flash elements that are used for the main horizontal navigation as well as an animated butterfly.

Please read more on the site below or feel free to visit PEP-Perspectives.com.

PEP-Perspectives founders, Sam and Janell, have been friends for years although they are very different personalities. Sam has been described as impulsive, outspoken, and captivating, with a fiery artistic temperament: Janell as stylish, observant, perspective, inspiring confidence and trust.

Each has pursued different paths over the years and different passions. There strong, mutual bond of friendship and respect has strengthened and supported them both, even when they’ve been separated by many miles and new life endeavors. In their conversations, they’ve shared numerous ideas, life’s lessons and each has been the recipient and the giver of advice. Both believe they have been blessed to have their “life’s paths” crossed. Both are convinced that they are stronger because of their friendship that is unconditional although their perspectives may be very different. And both have been driven to create a forum for other women to share their ideas and passions.

Hence, PEP-Perspectives – a community where women can network to find strength and support, humor, passion, and empowerment as well as sharing positive stories of life’s most important values.



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D&J Motorsports – It’s All About The Ride Newsletter

D&J Motorsports trumpets “The New American Motorcycle” or the Victory Brand of Bikes. These bikes are stylish, comfortable, have power and are an excellent example of form meets function.  With the new line coming out in the fall of 2007 D&J Motorsports decided to focus on the new line for their monthly newsletter which comes out mid-month every month.

The success of the newsletter is largely in part because it is done on a annual basis which reminds their customers of their products / services as well as their brand and company happenings.  Our end goal with the newsletter is to gradually make it an online newsletter which will reduce costs and increase the ROI of the piece.

D&J Motorsports - It's all about the ride.

Download D&J’s February Newsletter in PDF format.


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Overcome Direct Mail Challenges in 2007

It’s no secret that each year the rising cost of print and postage make it more and more difficult to achieve a return on investment (ROI) when using direct mail as a marketing medium. After years of exposure to direct marketing, consumers have grown increasingly sophisticated, skeptical and wary. Packages must be stronger to become winners, as evidenced by the shrinking number of long-term controls (control: a marketing item that returns the best ROI when compared against other versions of a marketing campaign selling the same item) we see in the marketplace today. If you read the leading direct marketing publications you already know that larger percentages of marketing & advertising budgets are now being allocated to the electronic mediums, via the internet, since their cost is less and tracking response continues to become easier.

Be that as it may, direct mail still remains the single most targetable medium and is still the preferred method of contact for many customers since it is perceived as less intrusive than other media. Company’s continue to profit when direct mail campaigns are driven by customer database marketing and personalized print technology focused.

So with all that said what are the problems, & how are they overcome? I say look at the “3 C’s”: creativity, clutter, & credibility. In the past few years one of the most insidious trends to emerge is the mediocrity of all forms of creative. With ever advancing technology creative has lost its prominence and importance. Only those who seek to maintain the highest level of creative standards will get noticed.


Creative that worked one or two decades ago won’t work today. Marketers have to work more diligently then ever to get their message across in a fresh, compelling way. That means dynamic copy written with better skill and sophistication.


The more marketing messages that prospects receive, the less yours stands out. And today, consumers are exposed to more communications in general, and marketing messages specifically, then ever before. With all of the media noise competing for your prospects dollars is it any wonder why they do not remember your advertising or that your response rates are down? Most often a single promotion is not enough to break through the clutter. The solution is to target prospects with a series of regular marketing messages.


The degree of hype in marketing today is incredible. As a result, prospect cynicism is at an all-time high. Generally in direct mail promotions the copy that creates credibility comes later in the piece, after you’ve gotten their attention. We now advise that you start establishing credibility much earlier in the promotion, as early as the first or second page.

92 West strives to consistently raise the bar to produce fresh creative that allows your company break through the clutter and be seen as the expert in your field.

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Building a Brand Identity… Why should you do it?

This is a question that needs to be answered before an organization can embrace branding as an investment rather than a cost. The fact is that while few view brands this way, they are business assets. This simple realization is something that many brand strategists have spent a good deal of time writing and speaking about. Brands have a value in the marketplace that can be built up over time or degraded through bad behavior.

A brand is the sum of all perceptions about a product, service, or organization. It is what customers, prospects, and employees feel when they think of your business. It is the music on hold, the sign on the door, and the conference table in your conference room. Every time your entity touches a customer, prospect, or employee they add one more experience to their perception of your brand.

What this means is that measuring and managing the kind of experience you’re creating for your customers and employees is a crucial part of building a valuable business. Businesses that are typically associated with great branding typically: charge a premium price, perform better in he stock market, have higher customer and employee loyalty, and increase the level of emotion in their category.

As we are bombarded with more and more information our emotions play a bigger role in decision-making. Brands that build rational and emotional equity with consumers will be the leaders of tomorrow. We at 92 West aim to take part and assist those in need.

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92 West Launches Capes Coaching’s New Site

Capes Coaching, a New York based firm, recently needed to update the flash site into a Google friendly PHP code based site.  92 West took on the challenge and created a refreshing clean look while giving the client the ability to edit their own content / images through a content management system.  The content management system (CMS) also gives them the functionality to add pages, calendar events, protect directories and even create a members only section if wanted / desired.  Please check out Capes Coaching today and let us know what you think!

92 West Launches New Site for Capes Coaching

New York’s premiere career coaching center for actors and artists, Capes Coaching gives you what you need to move to the next level in your career.  Private coaching, career classes, and practical training give you the highest level of personal attention from our diverse group of industry experts, empowering you to create a career path that makes your vision a reality.

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92 West Gains a Partner & Wins an Award

Omaha NE – November 11, 2006 — 92 West, a new marketing and design partnership is off to an award winning start. After submitting a logo designed for their client, Great Plains Equipment, 92 West received their first Bronze Award of Excellence from the Nebraska Chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Artist. AIGA is a nationally accredited organization that represents ad agencies and designers through out the country.

92 West was started by the talented art director Troy Kadavy in the summer of 2000; offering graphic & web design services. The name 92 West is derived from the highway in which Troy and his brother would frequently travel to visit his home town. When it was time to name the company the “road to home” was the only name that held true; 92 West was born. Troy will be receiving his Bachelors of Science in Web Design in May 2007 & has designed for such clients as RCN, AAA, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, & Harvey’s Casino.

In 2004 Troy met Tom Luke while working together on the RCN Cable direct mail account team. Tom, a native of Cedar Rapids IA, has gigs of street smarts with 10 plus years direct mail marketing & internet marketing expertise. Tom has managed marketing programs for Parsons Technology, Mattel, World Com, and RCN Cable.

Partnered together Troy & Tom will keep the 92 West brand image alive offering internet web design & hosting, e-newsletters, e-mail campaigns, search engine optimization, web video, & direct mail marketing services. With the latest statistics showing 55% of consumers searching online to make buying decisions, 92 West is on pace to offer the latest in internet services to its customers. With a conscious effort for service second best to none, coupled with mid-west honest approach they are sure to continue to produce a great return on investment for their customers.

Please visit the Nebraska Chapter of AIGA to see the complete list of award winners.

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92 West Launches Direct Mail Campaign for D&J Motorsports

92 West in cooperation with Cornerstone Business Services have launched a direct mail campaign for D&J Motorsports.  The initial launch contained three 6″ x 9″ postcards printed to target three specific customer criteria; Up sale accessories to current customers for ATV products and Victory Motorcycle products and promote a “at dealer cost” sale to assist in selling their current 2005 inventory.  Examples of the postcards are below.

D&J Motorsports


D&J Motorsports

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92 West Launches New Personal Project – Rakish Artwork


Rakish Artwork is marked by a carefree, stylish unconventionality. It has been designed to sell our staff’s and local artist’s artwork online to a wide range of consumers that desire fashionably chic artwork.

Rakish Artwork

Rakish Artwork

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92 West | Marketing and Design with Impact

I’m Troy Kadavy and am the co-owner of 92 West, an Omaha, Nebraska based marketing and creative design studio. We balance a passion for innovative design with pragmatic and strategic thinking to help companies realize their visions and achieve their goals. We work with our clients to create integrated communication solutions that strengthen their brands, forge connections with their customers and better their ROI.

Our clients rely on us to help them solve a variety of marketing challenges and our solutions range from a simple direct mail piece to a comprehensive communication strategy. Because we base our solutions on a through understanding of our clients’ business objectives, target audiences, and organizational resources, our solutions are designed to deliver – on time and within budget.

We have 32 years of combined experience within the Advertising / Marketing fields and our expertise are in the areas of print, web, web programming, e-commerce, video editing, photography and project management. The work that we have done ranges from creative design for musical giants such as Bo Diddley, Ronnie Milsap and Black Hawk, direct mail for the cable industries leaders – RCN, Comcast & Time Warner Cable to organizing multiple projects across eight states and five business lines for the AAA organization.

We know that strong relationships lead to great design solutions and our client’s satisfaction is every bit as important to us as the quality of our work. We at 92 West would like an opportunity to bid against a prior campaign or an upcoming project to show our rates are competitive and our passion for design will deliver an impact to your customers.

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92 West Launches New Site for Great Plains Equipment

Great Plains Equipment || Bringing the Best in Cranes to the World
Great Plains Equipment, a savvy start-up company, was looking for an image and a web presence to jump-start their business. Many considerations based on customer input go into developing a look. In this case it was consideration of their current competition, corporate background, and personal heritage that inspired the color scheme and font usage. The website was created to be cost effective both in use of content and the ad management system, which allows them to upload images and change content on the fly.

Great Plains Equipment

Great Plains Equipment


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92 West Donates Time & Design to Charity:: KJ’s Carts for Kids

92 West was presented with an opportunity to help out a local charity. We took on the challenge with open arms and are happy to say that the client has been very pleased with our efforts. Currently the site is static HTML, but we are working on a content managment system for them to update the site easily on their own in a WIZYWIG editor. We’ve also developed a new look for their brand utilizing their current logo.

A Brief History:

KJ’s Carts for Kids started shortly after Hurricane Katrina. KJ Louis, five-year-old son of Ken and Sherri Louis, was concerned that the children affected by Katrina lost all of their toys. KJ gathered some of his own toys and wanted to give them to the children. The Louis’ embraced his compassion ;and began a toy drive where over 2000 pounds of new toys were collected throughout neighborhoods, churches, businesses, and an event. The toys were shipped to Houston, Texas to be wrapped and distributed in time for Christmas, 2005. KJ flew to Houston to attend an event where he helped to give these toys and gifts to the Katrina’s Kids. This story received local and national news coverage which inspired a local family to fund a new Christian nonprofit in order to continue with this concept — the impact children can have in helping others less fortunate.

Please check out the site and donate to this worthy cause.

K.J’s Carts for Kids

KJ's Carts for Kids


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92 West Launches Version 2 of Site

92 West has launched it’s new and improved site. Our clients will now be able to login and check on project standings, pick and download stock art, and upload files. Furthermore, it’s now easier to use, navigate and contains an easily updatable portfolio section as well as content areas.

Please check out 92 West and let us know what you think.


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92 West Launches New Brand for Sunrise Business Cards


Tim Mandolfo of Sunrise Business Cards wanted to update his company’s image to appeal to a broader market. The new logo was incorporated into a complete branding package that included a direct mail campaign introducing the new look to both their current clientele and to new prospects.

Sunrise Business Cards

Sunrise Business Cards