Video E-mail from Crane Connection

Video of Crane Connection\’s Sales Representative

Crane Connection, LLC recently added the ability to send low res video files that are linked into their main websites directory of new and used cranes. They also updated their servers to accommodate the additional traffic and bandwidth that will be used by the videos as more and more members use the service to sell their crane.

Check em out :).

Troy Kadavy
92 West :: Design with Impact
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Social Networking for Business

Social Networking


In the age of social networking online it would be in a companies best interest to take an active role in these new media outlets.  Blogging is a fast and effective way to present our knowledge to a vast audience that may not be looking for your firm; finding us through a natural search rather than our staff pushing it to them.  It establishes additional creditability and allows our current clients, future employees and potential clients to read a more personal message on services that they may have not known that your firm provides.

I would also concede that these information and media outlets are not a replacement of your efforts at your domain, but as a compliment to your online presence.  I would also state that the following items are “nice-to-have” and not a “need-to-have” in our business model.  With that said, I’ve included some of the benefits to the following:

Twitter: Online mini-blogging site.

Business Benefits:

a) User can update users on a minute by minute bases from their browser

b) Additional links to is an added SEO benefit

c) Allows for an informal connection of our professionals to their peers

d) Search engine friendly content

e) RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feed can be subscribed to

Blogging: Text / Image based posts where commenting is allowed in a public or private forum

Business Benefits:

a) Allows for staff to publish their thoughts on work / theory

b) Establishes your professionals as the experts in their peers / clients eyes

c) Additional links to (example) is an added SEO benefit

d) Blogging on specific topics can pull potential clients to your firm and build awareness of your capabilities

e) Search engine friendly content

f) RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feed can be subscribed to

Podcasting: Video or MP3 file posted on Blog

Business Benefits:

a) Establishes your professionals as the experts in their peers / clients eyes

b) Specific topics can be presented in a formal or non-formal setting

c) Topics can be downloaded for future use which will benefit your firm’s brand awareness


Just my thoughts on it :).


Troy Kadavy

Creative Director


Omaha, Nebraska


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Use of Multimedia. Benefits. Approach. Execution

92WEST :: Design with Impact
92WEST :: Design with Impact

Multimedia, in it’s most basic of components, amounts to the combined use of several media such as sound and full-motion video / graphics.  As time progresses, and the demands from our current and future clients increase, it will be in a firm’s best interest to include various aspects of audio / video / interactive content to further their message and allow the  audience to relate to their message.

By combining a number of media together you can make the overall effect much more appealing. This helps to maintain the attention of our target audience.  Websites, Interactive CDROM’s, Kiosk Displays and Video in particular have a very powerful effect on people, lending a perceived credibility to your message which is often otherwise missing or forgotten over the passage of time (days, weeks or even hours).

People, in general, do not think in a linear fashion and will tend to jump from one point of interest to the next; not necessarily in any discernible order.  Products that cater well to non-linear thought processes become more user friendly and consequently more successful. Interactivity, when properly implemented, can provide an audience with the ability to query the information given to them and allow the end user to have a more personalized and interesting results.

Rich Media Applications
• Project Information
• Walk-Through Animation
• Education on  Services
Interactive Kiosk Display
Supporting Graphics
External Communications
Video Blogs
Games & Simulations
Desktop Applications

The single greatest issue to be addressed when embarking on a multimedia project is the delivery. It is important to consider how your target audience will view the finished product, or even if they will be able to. If you produce work for viewing online or via a CDROM, then you should be fairly confident that your target will have a computer on which to view it. This is by no means a certainty. And even if they do, you should consider the specification of the computer they will likely be using. Computers come in a myriad of different specifications of both software and hardware. If your multimedia uses sound of any form then your target’s computer will need some way to play it. Also, multimedia, by combining a range of different visual and audio characteristics, can be very demanding on a computer’s memory capabilities. It is virtually impossible to create one multimedia package that will run faultlessly on every machine.

There are two ways around this dilemma. Firstly you can control the delivery hardware yourself. If your product is intended for use within a specific organization, then you may take steps to ensure that the hardware throughout the organization is of a sufficient specification to run your multimedia package. The second option, favoured by nearly all software developers, is to print the minimum specification of machine on which the software should run.

There is always the possibility that your multimedia package will clash with third part software. But then that is usually considered to be the responsibility of the owner of the computer who installed the extra software (well how were we to know you were going to install a screen saver?)

a. Creative Brief – Establish Audience / Time frame / Function / Content
b. Sitemap
c. Concepts
d. Acquire Approved Content
e. Layout Content in Static Format for Review
f.  Break Down Components
g. Implement into Desired Medium
h. Test / Test / Test – Confirm Layout & Potential Bugs
i. Implement on Live Media
j. Test Some More
k. Training if Needed
l. Delivery

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Web Design Reference Sites

Award Winning Website References


Dope Awards

Design Licks

Creative Website Awards

Webby Awards

Website Design Awards

Stand Out Awards

Pixel Awards

Nebraska Website Directory Reference

Nebraska Web Design

Omaha Web Design

National Listing Directory Reference
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92 WEST :: Design with Impact

Design with Impact :: Request a Quote Today!
92 West was started by two brothers in the summer of 2000 with the goal of creating a passionate and pragmatic thinking design studio. Our marketing experience and innovative design help our clients realize the full potenial of their vision and assist in achieving their end goals.

The measure of our clients success is the ruler that we use to gauge our own — we design to impact and strengthen your customer relationships.

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Full Capabilities:
  • Logo Design
  • Identity and Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Print Broker
  • Website Design
  • Kiosk
  • DVD
  • Content Management
  • Hosting
  • Flash Design
  • Flash Development
  • E-mail Marketing
  • E-Commerce Sites
Troy Kadavy

Owner & Creative Director

92 West :: Design with Impact

16501 Aurora Street

Omaha, Nebraska 68136-4311

t. 402.677.6241



Through the hustle and bustle a myriad of human connections are made and broken.

92 West Launches Refreshed Look of Great Plains Equipment!

92 West was contacted by Great Plains Equipment to update their current website’s look and to add a content management system for them to easily update their current inventory, news, photography and website copy. The end result is a e-commerce website that utilizes a grunge style background centered around CMS / E-Commerce website.
Great Plains Equipment - Designed by 92 West
Great Plains Equipment - Designed by 92 West

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Website Design by 92 West

Below is a gallery of 92 West’s website design. The various sites were created using a variety of styles and range in use from an informative website to an e-commerce store. Most of the sites utilize a content management system and have a varied use of flash animation.

Please contact 92 West for any information you may need on your next website project.
Troy Kadavy – Creative Director – 402.677.6241

Large View – 92 West – Website Design


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Photography by Troy Kadavy

This is a sample of some of the photography I’ve taken for local models as well as some photos done for personal use (CarHendge and PBR). 92 West can be hired to take photos of you, your staff, product shots or architecture / environment.

Please call 402.677.6241 for details.

Troy Kadavy
92 West

Website Design by 92 West

92 West :: Cappie Pondexter ::
92 West :: Cappie Pondexter ::
92 West :: Sunrise Business Cards ::
92 West :: Sunrise Business Cards ::
92 West :: RGG Distributing, Inc. ::
92 West :: RGG Distributing, Inc. ::
92 West :: Profiles of Ships ::
92 West :: Profiles of Ships ::
Advertising : Marketing : Creative Design : Omaha, NE
Advertising : Marketing : Creative Design : Omaha, NE
92 West :: Capes Coaching ::
92 West :: Capes Coaching ::
92 West :: Naked in a Fishbowl
92 West :: Naked in a Fishbowl ::
92 West :: Lacey Construction, Inc. ::
92 West :: Lacey Construction, Inc. ::

Branding Terms & Useage

A unique and identifiable symbol, association, name or trademark which serves to differentiate competing products or services. Both a physical and emotional trigger to create a relationship between consumers and the product/service.

Brand Attributes
Functional or emotional associations that are assigned to a brand by its customers and prospects. Brand attributes can be either negative or positive and can have varying degrees of relevance and importance to different customer segments.

Brand Audit
A comprehensive and systematic examination of all collateral (both tangible and intangible) which relates to a brand.

Brand Awareness
The proportion of target customers that recall a brand. Realisation by a consumer of the existance and availability of a particular product. Brand awareness is a common measure of marketing communications effectiveness. Unaided awareness is spontaneous; aided or prompted awareness is when the name is recognised among others that are listed or identified.

Brand Equity
The value – both tangible and intangible that a brand adds to a product/service.

Brand Essence
The core characteristic that defines a brand.

Brand Expansion
The exposure of a brand to a broader target customer market, geographic market, or distribution channel.

Brand Extension
The application of a brand beyond its initial range of products, or outside of its category. This becomes possible when the brand image and attributes have contributed to a perception with the consumer/user where the brand and not the product is the decision driver.

Brand Identity
A unique set of associations that the brand strategist aspires to create or maintain. These associations represent what the brand should stand for and imply a potential promise to customers. It is important to note that a brand identity refers to the strategic goal for a brand; while brand image is what currently resides in the minds of consumers.

Brand Image
A unique set of associations within the minds of target customers which represent what the brand currently stands for and implies the current promise to customers. (Note that brand image is what is currently in the minds of consumers, whereas brand identity is aspirational).

Brand Loyalty
The strength of preference for a brand compared to other similar available options. This is often measured in terms of repeat purchase behaviour or price sensitivity.

Brand Management
The process of managing an organisation’s brands in order to increase long-term brand equity. Also the person or group responsible for designing brand identities, aligning them for maximum effectiveness, ensuring that they are not compromised by tactical actions, and designing appropriate brand crisis management plans.

Brand Personality
Brand image or identity expressed in terms of human characteristics. Distinguishing and identifiable characteristics which offer consistent, enduring and predictable messages and perceptions.

Brand Positioning
The “market space” a brand is perceived to occupy; the part of the brand identity that is to be actively communicated in a way that meaningfully sets it apart from the competition.

Brand Positioning Statement
A statement that describes the “place” that a brand should occupy in the minds of target customers. Focuses on the equities that meaningfully set a brand apart from the competition. Typically constructed in the following format: “To (target market), Brand X is the brand of (frame of reference) that (point of difference).” Eg. “to the brand of (frame of reference) that (point of difference).” Eg. “to caffeine-concerned coffee drinkers, Sanka is the brand of coffee that has no caffeine to upset you.”

Brand Power
A measure of the ability of the brand to dominate its product category.

Brand Relevance
The alignment of a brand – its attributes, identity and personality with the primary needs/wants of its target audience

Brand Slogan/Tagline
A easily recognisable and memorable phase which often accompanies a brand name. An aid to recall and reinforcement. Eg.Nike: “Just do it”

Brand Strategy
The ‘big picture’ plans and tactics deployed by an organisation/brand owner to to create brand equity.

Brand Value
The monetary premium that results from having customers who are committed to your brand and willing to pay extra for it. The financial value calculated or determined to be attributable to the brand, apart from other tangible assets.

Brand Value Proposition
The functional, emotional, and self-expressive benefits delivered by the brand that provide value to the customer: provides the rationale for making one brand choice over another.


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92 West Launches

Last year 92 West branded CraneHire, a Triple C Construction company, with a grungy but edgy style which impacted their logo, business cards and letterhead.  The colors and style of the website reflect the initial motif and have a stunning visual impact for the end user. was also built a content management system which will allow the admin of the site to update content, create forms and upload images as needed.  The CMS tool also reduces the maintenance costs of the site and allows for information to be quickly updated on the fly. overview: CraneHire is a crane rental firm located near Omaha, Nebraska.  We generally serve a 70 mile radius of Omaha, as well as the I-80 corridor West as far as York NE.

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Your Website Budget

In our request for a quote form, one of the last questions asks prospective clients what their website budget is. On many other web design company websites, this same question is asked. However, it is the most common question which people tend to leave blank or say “I don’t know”. I honestly think that many people don’t want to include a number here because then they might be given a quote that is right at the edge of their budget… or perhaps they are hoping that the quote will come under their expectations. I can understand that – I would be likely to do that too. Another reason might be because they genuinely don’t know how much a good website costs so they don’t know how much to budget for it.

We do have set prices for standard websites so we always give the same number regardless of budget. However, when you go beyond a basic website, there are many ways to accomplish the same thing – each with a varying level of sophistication and thus varying price tag. If we know what your budget is, we can find the best solution that does what a client needs at a price level they can afford. For example, we can put together an e-commerce website anywhere from $1,500 up to $10,000 and probably even higher. There are differences in the features available at the different price ranges, but at least there are options for different price levels.

Most web design and development companies aren’t trying to max out a client’s budget (I hope), but having their budget in mind really helps put together a proposal that the client can afford while trying to meet all of your needs.


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