All in the family – Envato

In the immortal words of Lilo from the Disney classic Lilo & Stitch “Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.”

While the original statement was directed at something akin to a genetically engineered koala (thanks Wikipedia), it’s also a phrase that could easily be adopted at Envato, given the number of family members we have working under the one roof at our Melbourne HQ…and no, that’s not including Collis and Cyan Ta’eed! 

Take brothers Vasko and Daniel Jovanoski. The latter was just five months into his role as a Development Team Lead last year when he encouraged his younger brother to apply for a Service Desk Specialist position. Far from having reservations about working so close together, Vasko said it was an easy decision to make. “Daniel told me about the role and the amazing culture and people at Envato, so applying for the role was an easy call to make.”

“There’s been a lot of positives, such as being able to catch up more regularly now and spend more time with him (Daniel), whether it be going for a coffee in the morning or grabbing lunch.”

“Also beating him at table-tennis has been quite enjoyable also! Sorry, Dan… I had to…” concludes Vasko with a laugh.

Despite having a torrid time on the table tennis table with his brother, Dan likewise has been a big fan of sharing his workday with family. “As we don’t live together anymore, it’s been great grabbing a coffee in the morning and catching up. I catch-up with Vasko more now than ever before…and I’ve even received credit for helping cook at the company BBQ when it was actually Vasko who volunteered!”

“There have been zero downsides, it’s been great.”

Likewise, it’s been all positive for the McKenna family. Sam McKenna, her husband Pat and his brother Alex have ensured that Envato has always had a McKenna in the building since 2013. “Pat started it,” says Sam. “He had this amazing opportunity with an awesome team which he’d tell me all about when he got home to find me still in my freelancing-PJs!”

Pat confirms he played a strong role in getting the rest of his family in the door. “I think I may have influenced Alex and Sam by constantly telling them about how nice it is to work at Envato, and that jealousy eventually morphed into job applications”

For Alex, having a familiar face in his brother Pat as he commenced in a new Customer Experience role made the transition to a new place of work so much smoother. “At the beginning of my time at Envato, Pat and I were working in different roles but on the same team. So while learning the ropes he was an amazing resource for learning why things were the way they were and I think it really helped me get up to speed in my job much faster.”

“And now with two other McKennas here there’s always someone to talk to and get a coffee or lunch with.”

However, there are downsides. “We end up talking about work constantly, even when we’re out at parties or family gatherings,” says Pat. “It can alienate everyone else a little bit.” It’s a sentiment Alex agrees with. “It does tend to come up, but we tend to have different opinions on things though so it’s usually quite good to hear their opinions on work topics,” he says. 

“I think we do talk a lot about achievements or frustrations, but I think Alex is really great at leaving work at work” counters Sam.

“Also, my Dad keeps demanding that we get him some Envato merchandise,” jumps in Pat, reflecting further on the challenges they face as a family.

“Sometimes when Pat and Sam are too lazy to come to the office they make me collect their mail and bring it home for them,” muses Alex. 

“Pat and I have been mistaken for brother and sister a couple of times, which is kind of funny but also concerning,” reflects Sam. 

But the very minor frustrations are made up for a whole lot of good experiences. “Ultimately, you’ve always got someone supportive to rant to when you’re having a bad day,” concludes Pat. 

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Measuring Envato’s impact in 2019

What does it mean to balance purpose and profit for business in 2019?

At Envato, we strive to take a long term view of our business and focus on creating value, so while we have a healthy appreciation for the bottom line, we are also invested in building a sustainable business that creates wealth for many, not just for some. 

Ultimately, we want to set Envato up with a purpose that lasts. We see our success in our community’s success, and we want to continue to align our core company values and operations with this purpose. That’s not always easy, and we don’t always get it right, but that’s our north star.

It’s a big part of the reason why we’re proud of the record payouts we’ve delivered to our author community over these past 12 months. And it’s why we’re also equally proud of confirming the Envato Foundation’s fourth charitable partner, Indigitek, with the launch of this year’s Public Impact Statement, available below.

Both were key achievements in a year that saw the company reach a number of milestones, launch new products and still deliver on the high standards we set for ourselves as members of the wider Envato community. I’d encourage everyone to take a few minutes to look through our 2019 Public Impact statement to get a more complete picture of what we’ve done, and where we are heading. 

It was this time last year when we published our inaugural Public Impact Statement to give our community better insight into our ambitions and achievements, and give everyone a chance to share ideas on how we could do better. The response was overwhelming and provided us with plenty of food for thought, inspiration…and, of course, a decent helping of positive reinforcement! 

I hope this second iteration will continue to inspire our community and prompt valuable discussions in equal measure. Thank you all for what you have contributed to Envato this year, and we look forward to what 2020 may bring! 

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Video Marketing Guide: 5 Steps to Success

Website illustrations set by hoangpts

A lot of video trends are a flash in the pan, but some stick around. So, what should you do?

If you were to go all-in on every video marketing trend, you would be switching up your video stack constantly for little value in return. Trends, by definition, come and go, so include an allowance of time and resources for experimentation so that you can try trends and new ideas for size, and see if they show value before making them a permanent part of your strategy.

Here are some trends that have grown in 2019:

Live streaming
Although Facebook Live was overhyped, live streaming has proven valuable to a lot of brands. The in-the-moment nature of the format captures people’s attention by establishing a sense of urgency. Live video also feels more intimate as it’s typically more off the cuff. Most platforms that offer live streaming will also provide viewers the ability to comment live, and interact with the streamer in a unique way which can increase overall user engagement for your brand.

Longer videos
While users on social media sites like Facebook prefer short videos, YouTube viewers are watching videos that are longer. In fact, it’s something that YouTube’s algorithm is favoring, as it means people are spending longer on the platform, and can therefore be shown more ads.

For Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, animated captions are a great way to catch the eye of users that are scrolling. As videos on these platforms autoplay on mute, these animations can provide context of what the video is about, and try and hook users in, getting them to activate the sound and watch the whole way through. You can also do this through closed captions, which you can set to be automatically activated on your videos while playing with the sound off. These provide subtitles, and need to be uploaded into each platform with your video content as a .srt file. This is also a good thing to include in all videos across platforms, as it provides a transcript that search engines like Google can crawl, picking up on keywords, and improving the chances that they’ll show up in search results.

Snapchat’s popularity has fluctuated, and Instagram’s much-hyped IGTV was a bit of a bust, but the “Stories” format continues to go from strength to strength. Viewers usually expect to see this content in and amongst that of their close friends and influencers, so it needs to feel personal and be designed to be watched alone (often with sound off). Stories can be more low-fi than the content you’d expect to see from brands within your Instagram stream, or YouTube and Facebook feeds. If done well, it’s a unique and intimate way to connect with your audience.

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Top 10 Email Marketing Templates for MailChimp

Your business can only grow if your client base grows. So, how do you successfully engage a loyal, satisfied customers? One of the best ways is with a great email marketing strategy and some solid, engaging content to accompany it. MailChimp is one of the best systems out there when it comes to client email communications, so we’ve put together this list of the 10 best email marketing templates for MailChimp for 2019 to take the hard work out of creating engaging email marketing content for your prospective and existing audience. All items featured today are available with a subscription to Envato Elements.

Starting off our countdown is a versatile theme with 18 pre-built layouts and 80+ sections. Creating unique, immersive emails has never been so easy. Feature your best testimonials, introduce your team, highlight your products and put forward your best call to action to create a beautiful, modern email design using this template. 

Turn your eye for fashion to this sleek template design and bring all your hottest products to the forefront of your emails. A highly interactive design allows you to include information surrounding any item on your product line, with room for individual product details and click throughs directly to your website. It’s a fashionista’s best friend. 

The number 8 template on our list features a beautiful, modern design that can easily cater to any email marketing needs. This template allows businesses to promote their goods and services to clients in a super stylish way, minus the hassle.

Template number 7 on our list of Envato Elements top 10 email marketing templates for MailChimp is perfect for the creative mind wanting to showcase their products, brand or portfolio to their client base in an engaging way. Stylish features and room to provide stats and figures make this template stand out in the best possible way.

Designed specifically with writers in mind, this template features multiple text editing options with room for a portfolio feature and a “meet our team” section. Help your customers understand your business and let them connect with you and your team as you take them on a journey with this marketing email template.

Our number 5 entry has amazing, easy to use online template builder features. You can instantly edit text, easily undo or redo actions and export your template file to your desktop. It also includes graphs and charts to show off your business’s stats. The best part is, when you send it off to your customers it will look striking and immediately grab their attention.

Share your business’s best features with this email template by MaestoMail. With varying text and image fields, you can mix words with visuals to show your customers how you can make their lives a little easier with your products and services. The bright colours and bold headings are editable, but the pre-existing options definitely stand out as they are.

This fun and fancy-free template is a breath of fresh air. It screams “young and bold’ and will stand out from the competition. Link to your blog, your shop, your e-brochure or your “contact us” page and highlight the products on your “must sell” list to draw customers in.

Extensive email compatibility and super easy editing features allow any creative, designer or marketing professional to take advantage of this modern, sophisticated template. This design will empower your clients to engage with you and your products. 

Number 1 on our list is James by contributor DynamicXX. The hero banner alone packs a punch and draws the eye to whatever it is you need to promote. This template is perfect for photographers to showcase their images, working in harmony with descriptive text and links to websites or galleries.

Did any stand out to you as a template you’d use to increase your client base and communicate with your current customers? If so, make sure you share this list with any friends or colleagues who may benefit from using any of these templates in their marketing efforts. Make sure you don’t miss out on upcoming video content by subscribing to the Envato YouTube channel.

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A textbook example of Australian business

It’s not often you can claim to be the literal textbook example of anything. But that all changed for Envato this year, following the publication of one of the key texts that Victorian secondary school students now use in their business management studies. 

If you were to look at the cover Key Concepts in VCE Business Management Units 1&2, you wouldn’t necessarily expect to find Envato inside. However, according to co-author Stephen Chapman, the company was a perfect example for the “Establish a Business” unit.

The Jacaranda VCE texts for business management

“Envato’s experiences reinforce the theoretical concepts discussed in the ‘Legal and Financial Considerations’ chapter. Students are exposed to the ‘real world’ workings of a business in order for them to understand how a business operates in reality.” 

The textbook examines Envato’s humble start in a Sydney-basement and the company’s subsequent journey to becoming one of Australia’s most successful tech startups, with more than $750 million USD paid out to its creative community during this time.

“The discussion as to Envato’s early beginnings and the financial requirements – a starting budget of $90,000 and the use of a credit card – provides a sense of realism,” continued Chapman. “The case study provides students with a clear understanding that there are different methods used to raise finance for the establishment of a business.” 

“I particularly liked how the case study showed the transition to other sources of funding as the business expanded as well as the payment methods for its contributors.”

The Envato example, as found in Key Concepts in VCE Business Management Units 1&2
The Envato example, as found in Key Concepts in VCE Business Management Units 1&2

A recent survey conducted by publisher Jacaranda of teachers who use the textbook in their classes found that many found the case studies to be one of the key reasons the book was such a success in their classrooms. Envato was a good fit for this because, as Chapman pointed out, the company’s success story contains all the ingredients to make it not just relevant, but inspiring too. 

“It’s a contemporary business that students can relate to. It contains a human aspect – Cyan and Collis’ goals and aspirations – that help create an engaging narrative, that’s highlighted by the growth and development of the business over time.”

So next time someone asks you for a textbook example of how to be flexible and responsive when establishing a business, look no further than Envato!

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10 Best Gaming Music Tracks for 2019

Music in gaming videos can set the tone, raise energy, and punctuate epic moments. Today’s list counts down the 10 best gaming music tracks in 2019. All items featured today are available with a subscription to Envato Elements.

In EDM by OlexandrIgnatov kicks us off with an explosive package of synthy shredding and hard-hitting bass. This relentless tune will serve you well as a high-intensity background track.

Dirty Game Aggressive Action Big Beat by kornevmusic combines syncopated drum patterns with distorted guitar and a punchy synthesizer to create an aggressive all-around action track. The blaring background horns and industrial attitude feel like a modern EDM take on Nine Inch Nails.

Sport Action by OlexandrIgnatov reverberates its way onto our list with its dark and infectious rhythm. The electrified, sizzling bass behind the echoing snare drum is reminiscent of the soundtrack to The Matrix – perfect for imbuing your gaming videos with a moody undercurrent.

Epic by TheStoryShop starts off like a re-imagination of The Mission Impossible soundtrack, then transitions to something more akin to Hans Zimmer’s Batman theme. The track is aptly named and ideal for dramatic introductions and buildups.

Adventure Epic Cinematic by MarbleSpace is everything you’d expect from such a title, with motivating horn blares and rolling violin phrases aplenty. Viewers will expect something appropriately (or farcically) daring when this comes on, so use it wisely.

Closer to the opposite end of the energy spectrum, we have Relaxing Piano with Nature Sounds by AllenGrey. Bathe your listeners in these sentimental layers of sunlight, babbling brooks and chirping birds if you’re looking to bring the energy down a few notches.

Evolving Valley of Emotions by matsteiner is there for you when you want your video to evoke maximum feels. Harness the tinkling bells, swelling strings and ethereal chants effectively, and by the end of your no-scope montage, there won’t be a dry eye in the house.

Suspense by TheStoryShop is positively oozing with murky dread. Throw this on your stealth or horror-oriented gaming videos and your viewers will be gleefully white-knuckling it straight to subscriberdom.

Dance Power Drift by LoopsLab wastes no time with nuance, launching straight into a pounding bass line and rapid-fire synth notes. This belligerent bass-in-your-face banger will instantly let your audience know what they’re in for on your high-intensity gaming channel.

Right from the first echoing cello note, you know you’re in for a goosebump-inducing ride with Dark Sci-Fi Trailer. Author AllenGrey has managed to compose the sonic equivalent of a villain that you hate to love. Put simply, this track is Thanos, a Xenomorph from Alien, and Cthulhu all wrapped up in one terrifyingly awesome package.


That concludes our list of the 10 best gaming music tracks for 2019. Which track would you choose for your next gaming video? Don’t forget to subscribe to the Envato YouTube channel to check out our upcoming video content specifically designed for creatives like you. To journey further down the rabbit hole of gaming video creation, check out our list of the 10 Best Video Game Sounds for 2019:

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10 Best Video Marketing Templates for Premiere Pro

Video marketing templates are a godsend when you need to create engaging videos without blowing your budget. We’re counting down 2019’s 10 Best Video Marketing Templates for Premiere Pro. All items featured here are available with a subscription to Envato Elements. We also have a Video Marketing Guide that breaks down the process into manageable chunks. Be sure to check that out, too.

This template makes a statement with its simple and bold styling. Seven types of logo reveals and four types of animated text callouts will give you plenty to work with for a promo video or YouTube channel opener.

This pack is a bundle of five different intros, each with a unique flavor. Looking for an opener for your fashion or travel videos? Give the “Urban” option a whirl. Something with a bit more testosterone, you say? Try “Sports” on for size. Corporate, Grunge and Romantic options round out the rest of the pack.

Everyone needs animated typography at some point or another, and Neat Titles by Space-Dog fills the gap with 30 easily customizable motion graphics.  Load up these MOGRTs for nitty-gritty editing in After Effects, or mainline them straight into your Essential Graphics panel in Premiere Pro for instant drag-and-drop goodness.

Take the headache out of your social media story creation with the Instagram Stories template. While this particular item is aimed at web and software developers, author IconsX also offers more than 20 other Instagram Stories templates with themes ranging from marketing and finance, to technology and education.

Don’t let the name fool you – Intro by templatesbravo is more than just a jazzy opener. A subscribe button pop-up for YouTube, follow reminder for Instagram, and outro animation make for an excellent all-in-one motion graphic pack for your channel.

This is a dashingly designed Premiere Pro template made with event organisers in mind. Hype up your conference, lecture, or board meeting with videos that are primed and ready for your guests’ mobile devices.

Vooofka serves up ultramodern elegance with Stylish Broadcast Pack. These motion graphics are edgy – literally. Just look at the angles on those lower thirds. Breathtaking.

If what you need is a polished, dynamic template for your corporate videos, Mr_Free has the goods with Collage. The smoothly animated image placeholders, text layers and transitions are sure to elicit some nods of approval and “hmm, not bad” faces at your next boardroom presentation.

Creative Process – Flat Design Concepts by Aquavitae is a collection of 15 workspace scenes which cover just about every major niche of digital marketing and development. Switch individual elements on and off, change colors, play with scale, and add in text to compose scenes that are uniquely yours.

This pack  is a one-stop-shop for Instagrammers, social influencers, and digital marketers. This bundle is crammed full of enough pre-made scenes, transitions, titles, animated swipes, backgrounds and headers to keep your vertical video stories eternally fresh.


That wraps up our list of the 10 Best Video Marketing Templates for Premiere Pro. Which template engaged you the most? If you have any friends looking for easy ways to promote their products and services using video, make sure you share this list with them. 

Don’t forget to subscribe to the Envato YouTube channel to check out our upcoming video content specifically designed for creatives like you and ,if your video marketing toolbox could use a few more templates, stick around and check out our list of the Top 10 Product Promo Templates for After Effects:

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10 Best WordPress Themes for 2019

If you’ve just started up your own business, run your own blog or have needed to create your own website for any other reason, chances are you’ve heard of WordPress websites. Of all the open source Content Management Systems available today, WordPress is by far one of the most popular. It’s free to install and use, with the option to utilise extra paid features. Thousands upon thousands of WordPress plugins and website templates are available, so we’ve decided to narrow down our top 10 best WordPress themes of 2019 to make choosing your design elements a little bit easier. All items featured today are available with a subscription to Envato Elements.

A sleek, theme with a modern design, number 10 on the list is the perfect way for a creative design professional, freelance photographer or artist to show off their products or portfolio. It’s fully customizable with a plethora of home page layout options so that you can showcase your portfolio in precisely the way you wish.

This theme brings to mind all things natural, organic and healthy for the mind, body and soul. Showcase your organic juices, fruits, vegetables, skincare or clothing with the beautiful, fresh look this theme provides. 

A highly versatile, rectangular, clean cut design makes this theme perfect for any new (or well established) business wanting to showcase their services. This modern, stylish and highly customizable theme will make creating and maintaining your website an easy feat.

With a strong focus on image display, this theme is an absolute must-have for any architecture or property management firm. Tech companies could also put this theme to good use due to the modern design and bold features. Two complete website layouts and 13 special elements allow for a super easy initial setup and further adjustments.

Designed specifically with educational institutions in mind, this theme works best when set up to showcase course material, teacher profiles and learning tools. The clean design allows students to easily navigate the entire website to avoid wasting time and becoming frustrated before they even reach the course information. Use this theme to help your company stand out in the education space.

We’re midway through our top 10 best Envato Elements WordPress themes of 2019 and our number five entry should be on your radar if you need a website to make a splash within the fashion industry. The minimalistic design of this template allows products and designer items to take centre stage and really shine. With room for product descriptions, other text and blog posts, your website will contain everything your clients could want and more.

Our number four theme just screams “photography portfolio”. With capabilities to show full screen images, an amazing square collage home screen with a sizable, pop-up cover photo and minimalistic navigational menus it’s every photographers dream. It also includes features such as a blog, an About Me section and a Contact page. Start your photography career off the right way with this amazing template.

Fantastic readability and usability partners with an attractive home page design to give users the ultimate theme for a magazine, blog or creative work in any other written format. A highly organised and easily customisable template allows users to spend their time on the important things – writing their next viral article, for example.

If you aim to sell products, our number two theme has got you covered. Specially designed to cater to online businesses and their client base, it covers all aspects of the art of selling. There’s room for product images and descriptions, reviews, blogs, promotions, an online checkout and more.

Number one on our list of Envato Elements top 10 best WordPress themes for 2019 is a luxurious theme catered towards all styles of blogs and magazines. Highly customisable and easily updated and maintained, you will love using this theme to showcase your work – and your readers will love how easy it is to navigate your site. It’s a super stylish way to make sure your work gets the attention it truly deserves.

That was our list of our top 10 best WordPress themes for 2019. Did you connect with any of them? Which one would you use to showcase your products? If you know of any friends who are looking to update their website or create a new one, make sure you share this list with them.

Subscribe to the Envato YouTube channel to check out our upcoming video content specifically designed for creatives like you.

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10 Best Logo Reveal Templates for 2019

When creating a video, one of the most important elements is communicating your brand’s identity. And the most effective way to do that is by inserting your logo. But how it animates onto the screen can say as much about your brand as the content that follows. 

Logo reveal templates make it incredibly easy to create branded animations for your videos. 

Here are the 10 Best Logo Reveals for 2019. 

All items featured are available with a subscription to Envato Elements. 

Consider your logo the result of a misguided invention? This could be the logo reveal for you. Set in a science lab your logo is revealed as an experiment gone wrong. After it cracks through the glass in a haze of smoke, it floats to the forefront accompanied by your brand name. It’s creative and fun. 

Swiss Logo by PixFlow treats the logo and background as one rubbery object. It pans around slowly showcasing the rubbery texture of the background, then eventually revealing the light-filled logo. It’s beautifully animated and very effective. 

This luscious logo reveal makes a work of art of light hitting the different curved angles of your logo. With a few different color options – all of them quite shiny – this beautifully glitzy logo reveal is perfect for a fashion video or to open an exclusive event. 

Epic Logo by bank508 lives up to its namesake. Showing the graphite-colored ground cracking as the camera sweeps its way towards the logo that explodes onto screen, this is a great template to introduce an action film, sports video or video game stream. 

Rainbow Particles Logo Reveal by sachinjoshi is vivid and cinematic. From the get-go, it presents an atmosphere of exploding color within a shiny black setting that screams class. It’s seriously eye-catching. 

Incredibly vibrant and colorful, this modern logo reveal is a short burst of excitement. Perfect to open a video, you’ll easily set a friendly and energetic tone right from its opening seconds with this one by Fanimation

This template offers more of a logo opener and it’s stunning. Featuring your logo in 3D and colored in decadent gold, floating around the screen as any titles you’d like to include appear, this item is a very glitzy way to open a video project. 

Elegant Flame Logo by Visual_A is exactly what the title suggests. Showing flames on-screen that flicker out to reveal your logo, it’s a great introduction for something epic. The ultra high definition brings out the details of the animation and means it can be used in the most professional of productions. And small details like the amber floating around the screen emphasize the high quality of this template. 

Architect Logo Reveal combines a minimalistic concept with cinematic execution. It presents your logo gradually being sketched out on a grid, then transitions into 3D, showing your logo pivoting into the center of the screen. It’s stunning. 

Looking for a fresh, bright logo reveal pack that combines earthy textures and footage? Then get Real Logo Bundle is for you. This great value bundle provides a selection of unique eye-catching logo reveals covering fire, earth, sand, paint, ink, paper, candy and forest style themes. Perfect for grabbing attention and exciting the eye. 

That wraps up our list of the 10 Best Logo Reveals for 2019. Head over to Envato Elements to browse over a million digital assets, and don’t forget to subscribe to the Envato YouTube channel if you found the video helpful!

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What Is Fast Typography? Plus, 12 Terrific Templates That’ll Take Your Video to the Next Level

One of the biggest Motion Design trends of this year is Fast Typography. A great example of which is Apple’s “Don’t Blink” video that dropped in late 2016, following their ‘Big Launch’ event announcing the iPhone 7, AirPods and updates to the Apple Watch, among other things.

The look and feel fit Apple’s sleek, minimal style, but also managed to cram a lot of information into two minutes in an engaging, digestible way.

Check out the top fast typography templates for 2019 in this video:

Trend Origins

The functionality behind this type of animation and design draws on the learnings of Evelyn Wood, an American educator and businessperson who popularized the term “speed reading”, as well as building the systems that encouraged it.

More and more today, however, software platforms have been offering different approaches to speed reading. You can find quite a few of these platforms and apps, with Spritz and Spreeder being some of the most popular. They usually apply a variation of a method called Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP). The basic concept is to display your text word by word, or by in small groups of words, one after the other. This way you can speed up the reading process by increasing the average rate of words-per-minute displayed on the screen.

Practical Advantages

In an era where we’re constantly overwhelmed by the amount of information being thrown at us, the popularity of templates that help deliver messages in fast, visually engaging ways has risen.

Video has thus experienced aggressive growth as an ideal medium to deliver this type of content. Which is why it’s no surprise that the world’s appetite for fast typography templates has grown.

And so today we’ll be taking a look at 12 terrific fast typography templates you can use to display information in your next video.

Recommended by shape_aep

If you literally want to recreate Apple’s “Don’t Blink”, then you need Stomp by Mnemonick.

This template makes your words the star of the show and shows you what’s possible using simple typography, and adding a lot of character.

Buy Stomp – Typographic Intro by Mnemonick on VideoHive

Buy Stomp by Vincent-Vega on AudioJungle


Similar to Stomp, in that it’s also clearly inspired by Apple’s “Don’t Blink” commercial, Rhythmic Typography shows what’s possible with some simple black and white typography, and some clever animation.

The way the text can slide from side to side becoming different words each time is genius. Even the way words can light up and fade out, almost like an elevator, shows off the power of indicating concepts rather than showing them.

Buy Rhythmic Typography by blinque on VideoHive

Buy Clap Stomp Commercial by RedOctopus on AudioJungle

Recommended by BLAQMATRIX

Rhythmic Opener by Levmotion is fresh and eye catching. The little jolt of movement it adds really makes you look at the words on the screen. And that type of effect is also very in vogue right now.

The template also applies a sort of magnifying tile effect on top of the background image, as the project shakes. Pop a great audio track underneath and marry the jolts up with the accents of the beat, and you’ll see how easy it is to make an engaging video out of nothing more than typography and some still images.

Buy Rhythmic Opener by levmotion on VideoHive

Buy Energetic Stomps Claps by Music_Today80 on AudioJungle

Recommended by shape_aep

If you liked that last template, but aren’t trying to literally shake your audience into paying attention, then consider the smooth stylings of Urban Opener // Dynamic Opener by makcinema.

This template incorporates a similar square ripple effect to the last one, but it’s a bit more subtle. In a similar vein, the animation of the typography is more on the smooth side, easing into place a little slower.

Pair it with a chilled out urban beat, and you’ll get your money’s worth.

Buy Urban Opener // Dynamic Opener by makcinema on VideoHive

Buy Summer Hip-Hop Energetic Upbeat by COSMONKEY on AudioJungle

Recommended by RedOctopus

Simple and clever, this template plays with size and scale. It’s all about energy with each image drawing the eye by appearing, growing bigger or smaller, and then being replaced by another image in quick succession.

The words appear one by one. Some sit in the middle of the screen, some take up the whole screen. It’s all about variation, keeping you engaged by keeping you on your toes. You can never be too sure where to look.

Buy Dynamic Stomp Typography Open by Vdeesign on VideoHive

Buy Stomp and Claps by RedOctopus on AudioJungle

Recommended by romlam

This next template is very fresh, yet very accessible and I think it achieves this by being very colorful and playful in its animation. Although it’s definitely fast with a real drive to it, it’s not aggressive. In fact, there’s an element of softness to the way things animate. From the less jolty way each word lands on screen, to the way each individual letter eases into position, even the way the images drop down with a soft, blurred effect before touching the base of the frame.

It’s fresh, stylish and fun.

Buy Fast Typographic Promo on VideoHive

Buy Percussion by Audio_Wave on AudioJungle

Recommended by romlam

This template by Qwadro is all about showing you a lot without making it feel that way.

Full of wipes and slides with ease, what really amplifies the smoothness of this template by romlam is that the background moves in sync, but in contrary motion to the text. The effect? It feels like a bigger movement than it is, and draws the eye without anything huge actually going on.

Buy Quick Promo by Qwadro on VideoHive

Buy Hip Hop Shakedown by SunChannelMusic on AudioJungle

Recommended by MbrEffects

Who likes gradients? Don’t Wink – Typographic Intro by MbrEffects puts fresh white text up against beautiful, bright gradients. Sometimes they’re solid, sometimes they’re not. You can have your text in a box, or out of a box. The choice is yours. The animations are simple but pleasant. And this template overall is versatile enough that you can use it for pretty much any video.

Buy Don’t Wink – Typographic Intro by MbrEffects on VideoHive

Buy Typography Dynamic Stomp by RedOctopus on AudioJungle

Extremely stylish and slick, Fashion Promo by Fixit is a great choice for (would you believe it) a fashion brand. It feels modern and is best suited that kind of broad, one word at a time style of commercial. It’s fast and slick, but not alienating.

Buy Fashion Promo by Fixik on VideoHive

Buy Energetic Stomps Claps by Music_Today80 on AudioJungle

Recommended by rgba_design

Use the whole canvas I say!

This template makes use of the full width and height of your screen, creating what feels like a fully responsive template. It could just be the images they’ve used in the demo reel, but its has a very slick, sophisticated feel to it. The glassy effect that goes over the images mid-cube transition are one example.

It’s a template that works best when being used to deliver a very concise message. It’s fast paced, restrained and very chic.

Buy Stomp Box by rgba_design on VideoHive

Buy Stomp and Clap by soundEGO on AudioJungle

Recommended by rgba_design

This one’s great if you want a visually exciting template. The images and footage you add to this template really play a big part in creating the vibe this demo is selling. But the shapes made in and around the text are also just as effective.

It’s fast, playful and exciting.

Buy Fast Typo Opener by LLMotion on VideoHive

Buy Energetic Drums by INTROPOLIS on AudioJungle

Recommended by Nick_Chvalun

And finally…

If you’re looking for something polished with a capital ‘P’, then this next one’s for you.

Relying on a mix of restraint, high color contrast, and text that literally feels like it’s dancing, Typography Opener by Motion-Bear feels ultra modern, ultra professional, and incredibly chic.

It’s something I could see a brand like Uber or Microsoft using. Or see on the TV screens at Apple’s Genius Bar and not blink. #dontblink

Buy Typography Opener by Motion-Bear on VideoHive

Buy Energetic Stomps Claps Percussion by D-Music on AudioJungle

And that’s our list of twelve terrific fast typography templates that you can buy right now on VideoHive!

Thanks to the Envato Community for helping us put this list together. You can check out the rest of their suggestions for great fast typography templates on the Envato Forums.


Motion Designer and VFX Artist. Sharing with the Envato community insights, tips & the latest trends in the industry.

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Discover the New Envato Elements Sketch Plugin

Attention, designers! There’s a brand new Sketch design tool that you should know about. The Envato Elements Sketch plugin will help you create stunning prototypes of web and mobile apps in half the time.

Oh, and here’s another feature you’ll love: it’s completely free.

The Problem

If you’re a web designer, we’re sure you have to create prototypes all the time. They’re a great way of showing a client what your web or mobile app will look like and how the user interface will work.

One of the best ways of creating prototypes is in Sketch, a popular Mac app that gives you a range of useful editing and collaboration tools.

But even with the Sketch app’s powerful basic functions, creating eye-catching prototypes from scratch every time can be a complex and time-consuming process. Wouldn’t it be great if there were some way to extend Sketch? A plugin, say, that could give you a massive head start by allowing you to do things like importing pre-built blocks and screens into your project?

The Solution

The Envato Elements Sketch plugin is that solution.

It’s a free plugin that’s designed to speed up a designer’s workflow. Here’s how Aaron Rutley, Product Manager for the Envato Elements Sketch plugin, describes it:

“The plugin gives you access to a vast library of free and exclusive design assets that you can use to create amazing user interfaces in a fraction of the time.”

Envato Elements Sketch plugin

Using the plugin couldn’t be simpler. Just download it, install it in Sketch, and then you’ll see a huge range of templates, blocks and photos that you can browse and import into your project, without ever leaving the Sketch app.

Key Benefits of the Plugin

The plugin gives you access to a range of “UI kits” (more on that below). You can browse through them and then import just the blocks and screens you need.

So there’s no need to spend time browsing different sites, downloading assets, sorting through zip files, and adding everything to Sketch. There’s no need to spend time designing everything from scratch, when you can use these ready-made blocks as professional starting points.

With less time wasted on the grunt work, you can spend more time on the creative side of your project, so that you deliver the best possible designs.

All of that makes it a great boon for UI designers. As Aaron Rutley says:

“We’ve designed and developed this plugin with User Interface Designers in mind, people designing interfaces for websites and mobile applications for their clients.”

So give the plugin a try. You’ll be glad of the easier workflow, and your clients will appreciate the professional-looking end results!

Here’s the feedback from one early adopter:

“I just discovered your Elements plugin for Sketch – it is an amazing idea that can save me lots of time, thank you!”

What’s Included?

This free plugin gives you access to a broad selection of UI kits, all within the Sketch app. All of the UI kits available via the plugin are free, they are suitable for a wide range of projects, and it’s fine to use them in personal or commercial projects!

Web UI Kits

Choose from a broad selection of page templates to help you quickly create the common pages you need for a website, such as “About Us”, “Contact Us”, landing pages, and so on.

Or choose individual blocks to import, such as headers, footers, or hero images.

UI Kit blocks to import into Sketch

You can still customise the designs to fit your own needs, of course. But the kits give you a huge advantage, letting you start from an elegant and functional design instead of a blank page.

Mobile UI Kits

Similarly, you can design mobile apps much more quickly by using the fabulous mobile UI kits available within the Envato Elements Sketch plugin.

Mobile UI kit in Sketch plugin

Just import some of these creatively designed dashboards, menus, settings pages, login screens, and more. Then you can get to work on making them your own.

Stock Photos

If you’re an Envato Elements subscriber, you can also import photos directly from the library of 790,000+ premium stock photos.

stock photos on Envato Elements
Just 12 of the 790,000+ stock photos available to Envato Elements subscribers

If you’re not a subscriber, don’t worry—you can still enjoy all the other benefits of the plugin, completely free of charge.

Other Envato Extensions

This plugin was created by a fairly new team at Envato who’re responsible for the wildly successful Envato Elements WordPress plugin and the super-useful template kits for Elementor.

Rutley says that one of the goals of his team is to “help users get to done”—in other words, to help you complete your creative projects more quickly and easily than ever before, without having to switch between half a dozen different applications. The Sketch plugin is the perfect example of this philosophy:

“By bringing UI kits and photos directly into Sketch, we think designers can spend more time focusing on the design and less time dealing with asset downloads.”

Rutley can’t share exactly what’s coming next, but does promise that the team is “working on a few big ideas”, so watch this space for future launches.

Start Saving Time Today!

You can visit the plugin page to learn more about it, download it for free, and start using it.

This new Sketch design tool really is very simple to use, but if you need any help, you can find a walk-through of using it over on Envato Tuts+.

In reality, though, your most pressing problem will be deciding what to do with all that extra time you’ve saved.

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What David Guetta, Tom Jones, Coca Cola and More Made With Envato | Famous 5 S6, E1

Envato’s Famous 5 is back! If you’re wondering who’s been using Envato items, you’ve come to the right place! This series showcases Envato items that have been used by big name brands, influencers and celebrities.

Envato WordPress theme, Mixtape, by Select-themes has been used on an iconic music influencer’s website. Available to download from Themeforest, this theme purpose-designed for recording artists, bands and festivals provides a starting point for any music-related website. It’s fully customisable, with no coding knowledge required, so it’s easy to use and highly versatile.

CodeCanyon author themepunch has had huge success with Slider Revolution, an innovative, responsive WordPress Slider Plugin that has been used by numerous recording artists.

One of the world’s leading tech brands used Audio Jungle track Drumstep Rock by RockLab in an advertisement for one of their products in Taiwan. The unusual rock track would pair well with any high-intensity video and is also available in the Drumstep Rock Pack, which provides three additional variations on the original track.

MotionFlowMedia’s Animated Letters & Numbers with Motion Elements, which can be found on VideoHive, was used in a Christmas video for massive soft drink manufacturer. The video template is customisable to your project and easy to use with drag and drop functionality. You’ll also find a video tutorial included with your purchase so you can pepper your project with text that’s a little bit special.

Finally, Quantum HUD Infographic, by Pixflow can be found on a television series exclusive to CBS. Available to download on Envato Elements, our subscription-based library full of thousands of digital assets, the After Effects template pack includes 350 items, from infographics to 3D objects and warning displays.

Items We Used

Everything used to create this video (templates, music, sound effects and more) is available to download with Envato Elements. Check out the item links below and get your subscription today to start creating without limits.


Neon by marcobelli

Neon Light Effect by Erigonn

Modern Lower Thirds by snowcake

Neon Titles by flikmotion


High Energy Powerful Rock Intro by OlexandrIgnatov

Neon Light Static Buzz by Sound-Ideas

Extreme Racing Challenge by Antarctic

For EDM Party by LoopsLab

At Christmas by kornevmusic

Ambient Cosmic Soundscape by AllenGrey

Hybrid Percussion Creative Intro by guitarsstate

Check out the previous episode of Famous 5:

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Coding by the digital campfire

At Envato, we’re excited about the future of the local tech sector and incredibly passionate about the next generation of developers who will help shape it. 

So it is probably no surprise that we leapt at the chance to host our own Code Camp during the most recent July school holidays! 

Established in 2013, the school holiday program gives kids the opportunity to design, problem-solve and code their own apps and games in just three days.  More than 80,000 participants have taken part in the camps since their inception. 

“We were motivated to support Code Camp because it looked like such a fun and educational initiative for our kids, equipping children with the foundation skills to succeed in an increasingly digital future,” said Office Manager Claire March. 

“We will definitely look to host future Code Camps here at HQ as the last one was such a success. “

A group of happy code campers hard at work
A group of happy code campers hard at work

Chief Experience Officer Justin French said that while his daughter wasn’t sure what to expect, she was a very happy ‘camper’ by the end of the first day. “We’ve tried to get her engaged with code a few times, but it hasn’t really stuck. This time, she was filled with excitement and enthusiasm by the end of day one, so I think they’ve designed the course in a way that helps them feel like they’re making progress quickly with visual editing tools, then tackle some bigger challenges towards the end with custom code.” 

“Over dinner at the end of day two she was telling me all about variables, collisions, if/else statements, boss levels and fixing bugs!”

Office Coordinator Ruth Crespo arranged to have her nephew attend and agreed that the course design was well received by the participating children.  “He learnt how to create a six-stage game and give instructions like applying gravity to the game so the characters aren’t floating, assign music, design his character, add obstacles and create a point system.”

“The shiny gold medal he got to take home and will be taking back to school to show all his friends was a definite highlight of the week…and he tells me now when he grows up he wants to work at Envato!”

Code Camp attendees dived into the Envato HQ basement to test their app-building skills
Code Camp attendees dived into the Envato HQ basement to test their app-building skills


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Shake Up Your Social With Milkshake, Our Instagram Website Maker

“Link in bio” is a commonly used phrase on Instagram, but the challenge for many entrepreneurs and influencers is that “you can only link once”. That’s why Envato’s co-founder Cyan Ta’eed and her team are looking to shake things up with a new app to help you up your Insta game.

While other Instagram linking tools do exist, the Milkshake app enables you to build an Instagram website on your mobile device for free. This site, made up of ‘cards’, is not only stylish and sophisticated—with multiple ‘looks’ to choose from—it’s the source of truth for the modern, multi-faceted entrepreneur. You can include links to your latest work, as well as a bio and much, much more.

Say More. Share More. Sell More

Milkshake’s mission is to help people, predominantly women, to build their personal brands online. Targeted at “movers, shakers, creators, and game changers”, the platform acts as an extension of your Instagram brand, where you can say more, share more, and sell more.

Madeleine Rochecouste, Product Marketing Specialist for Milkshake, said, “We want to empower Instagrammers to promote everything they have going on, and we believe Milkshake is an easy and personal way to do that. Women have so many dreams and aspirations that Instagram is helping them to achieve by providing an audience. We want to help them further establish their brand on Instagram or turn their ideas, hobbies and ambitions into a business by commercializing their social presence.”

Milkshake can be a launchpad to your existing website, podcast, blog, or ecommerce store. It’s a simple solution to promote all you have to offer on Instagram. You can use your Insta website to introduce yourself, share links to your content, products, and work, share your top picks, must do’s and must-haves and, importantly, launch your latest business venture to your followers.

Made for Mobile

The Milkshake team worked with local Australian influencers to develop the app. They invited potential users in early to test prototypes and establish a need within the Instagram community. The result? A mobile app that offers a seamless experience from your Instagram bio.

Milkshake Insta websites are designed to look super slick inside Instagram’s mobile web browser. Madeleine explains, “We wanted Milkshake to complement Instagram. To keep your followers on the platform and engaged with your content. We also wanted to make the experience of making an Insta website as easy as posting content on Instagram.” With the functionality to swipe between cards that’s similar to Instagram Stories, followers won’t feel as if they’ve left Instagram when they’re consuming content on your site. The experience is beautiful and consistent, and it feels native to Instagram as the app is made for mobile and is very visual.

You can make and update your Insta website on the go, wherever you are, with the Milkshake app. It’s ideal for time-poor entrepreneurs or those with limited design and technical capabilities.


Speaking of design, each ‘look’ is what Madeleine describes as “Insta-worthy”. She said, “We found that typical website builders were quite dry. The landing pages, colors, fonts, etc. are mostly aligned to a tech aesthetic. We saw a gap for a product that makes building and interacting with a website fun. Fun, easy, beautiful is what we live by. And the fact that everything can be done on your phone is a big bonus as it enables anyone to get involved at any time.” As one of Milkshake’s user testers told the team, “’If I can’t do it on my phone it won’t get done.”

Milkshake App Cards

Making a Milkshake shouldn’t be daunting. If you want to update the look you’ve chosen, you can quickly shake it up whenever you want. Content is structured in the same way across looks, so you don’t have to update your copy, images or links when you change your Insta website design. For each card, from the About card to the Links card, there are multiple looks to choose from, with more added all the time, so you won’t get bored of your Milkshake in a hurry!

The Milkshake Brand

The brand itself is also a feast for the eyes, thanks to Brand Designer, Sophie Dunn. Sophie was thrilled to join Cyan, Madeleine and the Milkshake team as she saw an opportunity to “create a fun, youthful brand.” She describes Milkshake as “a brand that is built on the characteristics of our audience: fun, bold, confident, and gutsy”.

Anyone who has been following Milkshake on Instagram and subscribed to the brand’s School of Instagram program would have to agree that it’s packed full of personality. So we’re thrilled that it’s now live and launched in the app store. Follow our lead and be one of the first to use Milkshake, now.

Find out more at and download Milkshake for free!

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Back to Base – Envato

“I think I’m most looking forward to hugging a minimum of 20 people.”

What sort of event could Envato run that would prompt this hopeful reaction from Developer Team Lead Ray Grasso?

Our inaugural Back to Base week!

Envato has a long-standing tradition of encouraging and supporting flexible work, not just for our HQ-based staff in Melbourne, but also for the almost 40 remote workers who live around Australia, from Western Australia to the Blue Mountains.

While these staff travel back to our Melbourne office up to four times a year to connect with their teams and catch up with friends old and new, these trips don’t always cross over with their fellow remotes. To rectify all those missed opportunities, Back to Base week would see many of Envato’s remote workers coincide their trips at the same time!

For Perth-based Ray, Back to Base week was a chance to meet face to face with everyone on the Envato Market team, though he confessed he would miss “…scrolling through Slack while listening to music from my speakers while wearing Ugg boots and eating breakfast cereal.” Fellow West Australian Glenn Tweedie echoed Ray’s ambitions for the week: “Lots of face to face time, lots of coffees and beers, some whiteboarding and random in-depth discussions on the beanbags”

“And if I don’t get sick in the process, it will be a total success!”

Senior Developer Lauren Glina said the personal connections created in visits to Envato’s HQ were invaluable. “This is my first job working remotely full-time, and while I like the flexibility of working from anywhere, I’ve realised I also need the in-person experience at HQ every now and then to keep me motivated and connected.”

“Whilst I’m pretty chatty on Slack, and I love to get involved in remote-friendly events it’s even better to be able to get out to lunch or a coffee with someone IRL.”

Many of Envato’s remote workers came from around Australia for Back to Base week.

This opportunity for informal interaction was also high on the list of Angie Gove, one of Envato’s Site Reliability Engineers. “It is nice that there are so many events and opportunities to connect with people I wouldn’t get a chance to otherwise…and most importantly, sampling the delicious coffee and lunch choices around the office.”

While working from the Melbourne HQ – and surrounds – was an exciting proposition for many remotes, it can never beat being at home with the family. “I think I’ll miss the peace and quiet the most when I’m in Melbourne,” said Ben Askins, a Site Development Team Lead, adding “but I’ll also miss the familiar 3:15pm sound of feet stomping up the stairs that signal’s my youngest kids have arrived home from school.”

For Lauren Glina, she had a different plan for coping with the time away from the family. “My son is just starting to get his words together, and when I told him I was going to Melbourne for a few days, he said, “don’t go Mummy!”. But he loves Hey Tiger chocolate though, so hopefully, if I bring some of that back with me, all will be forgiven!”

You can read more about Envato’s flexible work practices here.

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