Top Audio on Elements Picks: Curated by Specialists

By now, you know that Envato Elements offers a ton of creative possibilities to bring your projects to the next level. Today, we’re delighted to announce that we’re expanding those possibilities even further.

More than 80,000 audio files have today been added to Envato Elements. Included in the initial offering are royalty-free music tracks covering a full range of popular genres – from hip-hop and pop, to cinematic and corporate – as well as a host of sound effect files available for everything from feature films to video games.  

Still, if this makes you wonder what the absolute top royalty-free tracks in Envato Elements are, wonder no more! This post brings together the top audio picks on Elements. The best thing about this is that you don’t have to take my word for it. Real, professional audio specialists at Envato picked their favorites; so you know you can trust their selection.

Royalty Free Music

First, let’s start with what makes the world go round: music. These tracks will have you grooving, feeling good, and getting emotional. Take a listen to find out the best one for your project.

Pickin’ on the Porch

To start off this list, here’s a music track that’s easygoing and cheerful. Its carefree guitar and lively piano will make you feel as if you really were sitting on the porch on a Sunday afternoon.

Ukulele Blues

For a tune that mixes jazz elements with a fun ukulele, try the ‘Ukulele Blues’. It’s sure to inject a bunch of energy and feel-good vibes for its listeners.

Late Summer Dancing

And if you feel like enjoying a late summer dancing session, this royalty-free music track will get you on your feet. It combines the rhythm of a guitar with the ease of the ukulele.

Last Chance

If you want to convey the passage of time, this dramatic tune can help you out. With a dark piano, strings, and a relentless beat, this music track will help you achieve just that.

Rise of the Dragon

As you would expect from a song called ‘Rise of the Dragon’, this song is powerful, emotional, and very dramatic, which would work great for a cinematic masterpiece.

Action Trailer

The trailer for an action movie would benefit greatly from this music track, as it has a distorted bass line, an energetic beat, and electronic elements to it.

Hybrid Cinematic Inspiration

To motivate and inspire your audience, use this ‘Hybrid Cinematic Inspiration’ music track. It will fit in nicely in an ad, a corporate video, or a cinematic trailer.

Go Go Go

‘Go Go Go’ is the perfect name for this song. It’s upbeat, joyful, and has an electrifying rhythm that will have you tapping your foot to it.

Exciting Funky Inspiration

You can never have too much funk in your life. This funky song is catchy, exciting, and has a feel-good vibe that you can definitely dance to.

Uplifting Indie Rock

If alternative indie rock is more your thing, give this royalty-free music track a listen. It has a recognizable guitar riff and dynamic drums to keep your energy up.

Purple Autumn Soft Documentary Atmosphere

To bring it back down again, this is an atmospheric, calm, beautiful tune. It’ll be the perfect background music for a stunning audiovisual project.

Cinematic Orchestra Studio Opener

Now, if you’re on a quest for an ident that is epic and has a big impact, hit ‘play’ on this ‘Cinematic Orchestra Studio Opener’.

Crystal Glitch Pretty Ident

‘Serenity’, ‘tranquility’ and ‘charm’ are some of the words that will come to mind when you hear this ident. It’s clear, crisp, and has a beautiful, soothing sound to it.

Corporate Technology Logo

If you want your audiovisual branding project to portray brighter, more upbeat and modern sensations, opt for this corporate ident track.

Soul Logo

Few things are as soulful as 70s funk. Use this music ident to introduce a happy, positive sentiment to your corporate video.

Sound Effects

Sound effects can make or break your audiovisual projects. Continue listening so you can discover royalty-free sound effects picked out by our specialists.

Epic Swish Pack

Is your multimedia project in need of aggressive air swishes and strong gusts of wind? If that’s the case, this royalty-free sound effect has you covered.

Inspirational Success

This next sound effect is ideal for any app or game. Its bright bells are also elegant and charming, which adds extra oomph to your projects.

Comical Mix

Anytime a character slips on a banana, falls or does something clumsy and silly, you’ll hear this comical royalty-free sound effect going off in the background.

Cartoon Character Voice Expressions Pack

Have a need for high-pitched cartoon voices saying things like ‘eww’, ‘hey’, and ‘great’? Look no further than this packed expressions pack that’s fun and cute.

Free Files

These next tracks are available for you for free. That means you can expect great music tracks and idents without any monetary cost!

Upbeat Indie Fuzz Rock

This is a royalty-free rock song that’s strong and energetic. So much so that its listeners are sure to headbang and have a good time while listening to it.

Corporate Pop Rock

Taking it to a more pop sound, this royalty-free music track is bright, happy, and chill. This makes it the perfect match for an advertisement or corporate video.

Glitchy Elegant Digital Logo 01

Last but definitely not least, try this ident audio tune. It would work very well in any project that needs a futuristic and modern vibe, like a radio announcement.


Finding the best of the best royalty-free audio tracks online can be an absolute hassle. That’s why Envato’s specialists put together this list that goes over music, idents, sound effects, and more—all available at Envato Elements. If you don’t find the right option here, browse through the extensive audio library on Envato Elements.

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Learn How to Animate CSS in a Free YouTube Course

Hey, web designers! You probably already know that CSS3 gives you lots of great animation options to help you create engaging, interactive websites. But do you know all the tricks and techniques to animate CSS in the best possible way?

If not, don’t worry! Our free course, 6 Handy CSS3 Animation Projects, will teach you everything you need to know.

What You’ll Learn

Using motion in your web project and adding an extra degree of interactivity can really improve the user experience. In this short course, you’ll build six small but useful projects that use CSS animations.

For example, one of the projects helps you create an elegant SVG “Page Loading” icon made up several arcs rotating around the same point.

See the Pen Project 2: SVG Page Loader by Envato Tuts+ (@tutsplus) on CodePen.

In another project, you’ll create a card notification that slides in from the right side, stays on screen for a few seconds, and then slides back out again.

Animate CSS notificationSee the Pen Project 3: Card Notification by Envato Tuts+ (@tutsplus) on CodePen.

Or how about creating a full-screen navigation overlay? That’s the popular effect you’ve probably seen on mobile sites, where you click on the menu icon and a full-screen menu pops up to help you navigate easily on a small screen.

Animate CSS Full-Screen NavigationSee the Pen Project 6: Full Screen Navigation Overlay by Envato Tuts+ (@tutsplus) on CodePen.

All of these animation effects are easy to create with pure CSS, so follow the course and learn how to do it!

Start to Animate CSS Today!

Creating web animations with CSS instead of JavaScript is such a useful skill for web designers. This free course gets you up and running really quickly. By the end of it, you’ll be confident in creating CSS animations for all your future projects.

So get ready to animate CSS, either by watching the video above or by clicking through to watch 6 Handy CSS3 Animation Projects over on YouTube.

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How metallics became basic – Envato

(And the golden rule to avoiding tackiness)

It’s become blindingly obvious. From rose-gold shoelaces to cutlery that looks like it belongs in the backside of a magical egg-laying goose, metallic colouring is back in vogue. But before we leap to turn our branding, homewares and wardrobes into oversized pieces of fishing tackle, let’s spend a moment exploring the usage and abusage of this shiny new trend and lay some ground rules for navigating its risky terrain.

[Envato Elements]

The rise of shine.

It’s impossible to talk about the rise of metallic colours without exploring the obvious catalyst: the technology industry’s prominent use of them on their products. “The design language of Silicon Valley (influences) other design sectors,” says Fast Company, describing the sector’s use of metallic colours as “the ultimate sign of the times”.

Looking back at phones of the early 2000s, the attention paid to the design of gadgets like phones has gotten significantly more sophisticated. No longer are cheap, recyclable plastic frames and rubber keyboards the standard. Instead, glass and aluminium finishes are preferred, making these devices feel more like jewels than portable computers.

Far from being an afterthought, for companies like Apple the design of the device has become a central element to the business strategy. Ben Thompson, the blogger behind Stratechery, called out in 2016:

“The fact that smartphones are such an important part of people’s lives, combined with the fact that physical objects can have additional consumer benefits like status, enables Apple to sell each iPhone with a huge amount of margin.”

With metallic choices ranging from ‘Silver’ to ‘Coral’, everything about Apple’s current iPhone colour line-up seems designed to inject a status of luxury and timelessness into a product which, by design, refreshes every twelve months.

Despite this steady stream of newer models, consumers have embraced these lavish colourways, largely because the company has, for more than a decade now, gone to great pains to instill the phone’s interior with a story of cutting-edge innovation and craftsmanship. Apple is making a coherent symbolic statement; both its hardware and software are of a pristine standard.


It’s not always a silver bullet.

The etymology of the word “tacky” relates to the adhesive, sticky quality of the word “tack”. In essence it speaks to something literally stuck to something else, thoughtlessly. And with the rising prominence of metallics, not every brand’s use of the precious colourways is as thought-through as Apple’s.

A trip to a homewares store reveals a marketplace flooded by brands employing metallics to paint a facade of prestige to everyday consumer products. This tidal wave has brought with it everything from water bottles to throw pillows and even disposable birthday party supplies, all supposedly turned insta-aspirational with a simple addition of a splash of gold or bronze.

In response to the rising trend, colour empire Pantone recently unveiled a “collection of lustrous metallic and pearlescent tones” which comprise its new “metallic shimmers” range. In doing so, the number one ‘colour partner for design’ have armed many-a-brand with an arsenal of precious metallic colours with which to belie less-than-precious surfaces.

Just as it’s Pantone’s job to cater to the needs of designers, so too is it the job of a designer to use their colors responsibly.

Pantone metallic shimmers


A few Golden Rules.

So how does one leverage the precious metallic trend and avoid the inherent pitfalls of tackiness that come with it? The answer is to take a leaf from Apple’s playbook and be guided by the meanings behind the colours themselves.

All precious metallics (bronzes, silvers, and golds) are weighted with meaning; they convey with status, prestige, and scarcity. In short, they communicate quality. Furthermore, their immediate association with the raw elements of their namesakes also means they carry within them a sense of timelessness.

With this in mind, the golden rule for employing precious metallic colours is as follows: is the item you’re coloring and the message it’s sending both worthy of a precious metallic colorway?

A rose-like bronze, used sparingly, can make a festive season invitation feel special, warm and traditional. It doesn’t, however, give off the same effect on, say, a spatula. Silver can instill corporate logo with a sense of understated class. But it’s far from home on a throw pillow bearing an inspirational Pinterest quote. A drop of gold might just be the thing to give your wedding invitation a sense of luxury and distinction. But unless you intend to make a piece of satirical commentary, it’s a questionable color for the handle of a toilet brush.

It should go without saying that less is always more. That said, here I am writing this article. So remember, using metallic colors when the occasion calls for it can help a design connect with its intended audience and fit the right occasion. Using it on everything makes you look, well, kind of basic.

Envato is a creative ecosystem of sites and services, including Envato Market, Envato Studio, Elements, and Tuts+. Every month millions of people use our sites to get creative and learn new skills.

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Top 10 Wedding After Effects Slideshow Templates

After Effects Infographic Video Templates Blog

Animated infographics are a fantastic way to visualize data and explain something complex in a simple, engaging way. But making …

We show you the tools you will need and provide an in-depth overview for creating a Real Estate Listing site …

Geometric trends in web design, interior decorating, and more.

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5 Ways To Speed Up Your Web Design Project With Elementor

As a web designer, you’re always on the lookout for ways to build better websites in less time.

That’s the dream, right?

But it’s hard to find a tool that can offer both easy visual design and the flexibility to create custom sites at the same time. The easy tools aren’t always flexible, and the flexible tools aren’t always easy. It doesn’t have to be that way, though.

In this post, we’ll show you how you can use the Elementor WordPress plugin to build complete websites using visual drag-and-drop editing, while also retaining the ability to dig in and get your hands dirty with more complex functionality when required.

Let’s run through 5 ways that Elementor can help you with your next project.

1. Build Your Site With A Visual Drag-And-Drop Editor

Everything in Elementor starts with its visual drag-and-drop editor. As you build your website, you’ll see exactly what your visitors will see, which means there’s never any mismatch between how you want something to look and how it actually looks.

To build the layout for your site, you can choose from dozens of widgets. These widgets include simple foundational elements – like images and buttons – as well as more complex elements, like pricing tables or sliders.

Placing them is as simple as drag-and-drop. Then, you can edit any text by clicking and typing right on the page.

Elementor gives you section and column elements to control spacing and backgrounds, as well as custom margins and padding to get their positioning just right.

Everything you build is responsive by default. But you can also go in and manually change how your design works on different devices. For each device, you can:

  • Change typography
  • Adjust column order
  • Set custom margins and padding
  • Change section and column settings

And you can also use Elementor’s built-in device previews to see exactly how your site will look on different devices without leaving the Elementor interface.

Elementor interface

2. Choose from 200+ Designer-Made Templates And Blocks

While Elementor lets you build complete websites from scratch, you don’t have to start from a blank canvas unless you want to.

Elementor comes with over 200+ templates made by professional designers. These templates come in two forms:

  • Page Templates – these are complete, done-for-you page designs. All you need to do is add your own content.
  • Blocks – these are separate page sections. Think of them kind of like Lego blocks that you can assemble into a full page design.

You can insert any one of these templates right from the Elementor interface with just a few clicks:

Elementor interface

And you can also create and save your own templates to reuse them later. Or, you can even import templates from other third-party sites.

By the way, Envato has released a WP plugin called Envato Elements Template Kits that includes hundreds of free Page and Block Templates for Elementor! 

3. Get Full Theme Building Functionality (Including WooCommerce!)

Unless you’re building a simple brochure site, creating a complete website often involves more than just a few core static pages.

If you want pinpoint control over a site’s dynamic content – like a blog or a WooCommerce store – that’s where Elementor Pro’s theme builder functionality comes into play.

With Elementor Pro, you can build WordPress theme parts that dynamically pull in content from core WordPress functionality.

For example, you can build:

  • Site headers that automatically pull in menu items from the core WordPress Menu system.
  • Blog page templates that automatically apply themselves to WordPress posts.
  • Blog archive pages that automatically list all your latest blog posts.

Elementor interface

Basically, it does what the name says – lets you build your entire theme. And it’s not just limited to core functionality, either.

Elementor Pro’s dynamic content functionality lets you pull in content from custom fields added with WordPress tools like Advanced Custom Fields, Toolset, and Pods.

And Elementor Pro also includes dedicated WooCommerce builder functionality that lets you build your WooCommerce product and shop pages.

4. Build Forms Straight From Elementor (And Connect Them To 20+ Integrations)

Most websites aren’t a one-way conversation. That is, rather than just displaying your own information to readers, you’ll probably want to collect some information from them as well.

For example, if you have an email list, you need a way to collect all those emails from your visitors!

That’s where Elementor Pro’s Form widget comes in.

The Form widget gives you over 10 different fields that you can use to create any type of form, including fields for date pickers, phone numbers, and more.

It also has 20+ dedicated integrations that make it easy to connect your form to popular services like:

  • MailChimp
  • HubSpot
  • ActiveCampaign
  • ConvertKit
  • GetResponse
  • Drip

And if that’s not enough, you can also hook a form up to Zapier webhooks, which lets you connect your Elementor forms to any one of the 1,000+ services that Zapier supports.

5. Add Your Own Code If Needed

It’s not just important that your final website looks great, it also needs to run well.

A big part of that is clean code. Clean code helps your website:

  • Load quickly
  • Work properly in all browsers
  • Rank well in Google
  • …you get the idea – it’s important!

That’s why Elementor focuses on strictly outputting clean code.

Unlike many other page builders, Elementor doesn’t rely on shortcodes, nor does it use JavaScript as a crutch to artificially offer full-page design.

Finally, Elementor also makes it easy for you to use your own CSS when needed. The core plugin lets you apply a custom class or ID to any Elementor widget. And Elementor Pro makes it even easier by letting you add custom CSS directly to each widget:


Let Elementor Speed Up Your Next Web Project

Whether you’re building a simple business website, a custom eCommerce store, or anything in between, Elementor can help you speed up your next web design project with its simple drag-and-drop interface and dynamic theme builder functionality.

The core Elementor plugin is free and available at, so you can try it out today. And if you want access to theme building, the form widget, and lots of other great features, consider upgrading to Elementor Pro for even more helpful functionality.

Elementor is the leading all-in-one web design solution for WordPress, enabling designers to create professional websites visually and without hassle.

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Free Course on Video Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro

OK, so you’ve just shot some awesome video footage. How do you edit that raw video into a polished end product?

Video editing can be a complex and time-consuming process, but the free video course below will make it so much smoother and simpler. So get started with Introduction to Video Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro.

What You’ll Learn

This is a comprehensive, three-hour video that takes you through the entire process of editing video in Adobe Premiere Pro, from beginning to end.

You’ll start by getting a quick tour of the software and learning how to organize your files outside Premiere, import your assets, and set up your project.

Then you’ll move on to editing essentials like creating a sequence, making cuts, editing in the timeline, and so on.

Making Cuts in Adobe Premiere Pro

When you’ve mastered all that, you’ll move on to more advanced topics like adding audio transitions, video effects, titles, and more. And you’ll see how to export your video from Adobe Premiere Pro with all the right settings.

Adding Titles in Adobe Premiere Pro

So, as you can see, the course takes you through gradually from basic concepts through to more complex video editing techniques, with full instructions every step of the way. Whether you’re new to Adobe Premiere Pro or just want to use it more effectively, there’s so much in this course that you can learn.

Get Started With Video Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro!

This course is over three hours long, so you’ll need to set aside some time to watch it. Or you could bookmark it and watch it in smaller chunks over a few days or weeks—the video is broken up into smaller lessons of about 10 to 15 minutes each.

The time commitment will be well worth it because, by the end, you’ll be confident in all the essential techniques of video editing in Adobe Premiere Pro. When you’re ready, click here to get started.

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Top 10 Advertisement Templates for After Effects

After Effects Slideshow Blog

After Effects Slideshow Templates can turn an album of photos into engaging video. Here are 10 trending After Effects slideshow …

5 big names or big brands that have used Envato items. Today what Netflix show, Tau, American rapper, Tyga, and …


If you’re designing a newsletter from scratch it’s important to spend time carefully planning the layout, and by studying these …

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Top 10 Travel After Effects Slideshow Templates

This quick and easy introduction to Adobe After Effects will help you get started and master basic skills.

Framstore Exploring After Effects

It takes a lot of complexity to create an easy-to-use After Effects template.

WooCommerce is an eCommerce platform which offers endless customization options. It comes as an easy to use plugin for WordPress …

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Top 10 After Effects Projects

After Effects is one of the most powerful programs around. From creating small elements of a video project like lower thirds and titles to creating full-blown animations, it can empower any creative to produce visually spectacular results. But not every video maker has the time or skill to create these amazing types of projects from scratch. That’s where After Effects projects come in.

After Effects projects are pre-made After Effects files that enable you to simply enter your content into an already made scenario, and achieve high-quality results. In this list, we’ve compiled some of the best broadcast packages, openers, titles, video displays, and social media kits.

They’re all available on Envato Elements, our subscription service. And, they’re all available to download now.

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Learn Affinity Designer in This Free Video Course

Are you thinking of switching to Affinity Designer? If so, you’re not alone. The app has taken the design world by storm in the last few years, and many designers are switching over from Adobe Illustrator or other software to start using Affinity Designer. Although it was originally launched for macOS, the software is now also available on Windows and on iOS for the iPad.

If you want to get a comprehensive introduction to Affinity Designer, check out our free course, Affinity Designer Quick Start.

What You’ll Learn

In over two and a half hours of high-quality video instruction, Kezz Bracey will help you learn Affinity Designer from the ground up.

You’ll start off by learning how to create simple curves, add and manipulate nodes, and use the Pen Tool and Corner Tool.

You’ll move on to learn some tips and tricks for managing the Affinity Designer interface, like using split-screen view, the Layers panel, grids, and snapping.

Then you’ll learn how to work with fills and strokes and how to use color palettes and gradients.

Affinity Designer color palettes

From there, you’ll move on to learn more advanced features, like the pixel persona, typography, symbols, and artboards. There’s a huge amount of information in this course for either complete beginners to Affinity Designer or those who already use the software and want to discover some useful new tricks.

Learn Affinity Designer Today!

By watching “Affinity Designer Quick Start”, you’ll have all the right shortcuts and tricks up your sleeve, be fully familiar with the app’s interface and tools, and be able to go from laying down curves all the way through to exporting a design.

So add this powerful vector software to your design arsenal, either by watching the video above or by clicking through to watch Affinity Designer Quick Start over on YouTube.

Affinity Designer screenshot

When you’ve done that, why not get check out the vector graphics available on Envato Elements? You can find some inspiration for your own designs, or download some useful vectors to use in future projects.

Halloween vector illustrations
Halloween Sweets and Desserts on Envato Elements

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Top 10 Infographic Video Templates for After Effects

Animated infographics are a fantastic way to visualize data and explain something complex in a simple, engaging way. But making them from scratch is a daunting proposition. Not only do they take a lot of time, they take a lot of knowledge and skill within a program like After Effects. But that’s where After Effects templates come in. 

After Effects templates are pre-made projects that allow you to automate an animated effect within the Adobe program. 

In the case of infographic After Effects templates, all you need to do is insert your data, and pick your preferred way of visualizing it. Then, you let the template do its thing.

Here are the Top 10 Infographic Video Templates for After Effects available on Envato’s subscription service, Envato Elements.

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What “The Good Place” Can Teach Us About Supporting Tech Community

If we have learnt anything from The Good Place, Netflix’s terrific comedy on moral philosophy and the afterlife, it’s that there’s no simple journey towards doing the right thing. But regardless of this, we should always try.

Doing the right thing makes you feel good!

It’s a sentiment that sits at the heart of Envato’s values, especially that of “when the community succeeds, we succeed.” The definition of community is deliberately broad and includes Envato’s paying customers, creative authors and all current and potential employees. It also extends to includes the communities of practice around the world in which Envato, either directly or through the people who represent it, has a presence.

A commitment to corporate responsibility

While the benefits of sponsorship for companies are well recognised, for Envato it’s in our DNA, part of our founding principles of working with a positive purpose and making the right decision as opposed to the profitable decision. This includes partnering with industry groups, not-for-profits and tech communities of all sizes, targeting those who have similar priorities to our own.

Claire March reps Envato at the 2018 Women in Tech conference.

Rallying for Ruby

Envato’s flagship partnership in recent years has been with RubyConf, Australia’s peak annual gathering of the Ruby development community. “We’ve sponsored the conference since 2012, and will continue to remain involved as we see it as a solid pillar to support the Ruby development community,” says Claire March who helps lead Envato’s sponsorship program. “It helps ensure the growth and success of Australia’s Ruby community but also to increase the scope of people Envato may one day need to draw on from a recruitment perspective.”

Envato kept spirits and sugar levels high as part of RubyConf 2017
Envato kept spirits and sugar levels high as part of RubyConf 2017

“When we assess what events or organisations we want to partner with, our first priority is to find a group or organisation that are strongly aligned with our values and social impact ambitions,” continues March.

“Being an active part of the local tech community is something we feel strongly about, and partnerships like the one with RubyConf help ensure we have a presence in our local market, can boost our employee branding for recruitment and also support local diversity and inclusion initiatives.”

Sponsorship for social inclusion

Code Like A Girl members attending an Elixir meetup at Envato HQ.

The company’s involvement with developer advocacy group Code Like a Girl is one such venture.

“Over the last 18 months, our relationship with Code has grown stronger and stronger, and that’s only for the better as we aim to address the gender gap in tech,” states Brent Thomson, who works in Envato’s Talent Acquisition department.

“Envato has had a great response to our partnership with Code! We even have staff members that are part of the Code gang and spend numerous hours outside of work supporting the program. We’ve been involved in most of their events, getting involved in workshops and providing career advice to their attendees.”

“We definitely value our sponsorship of the group and feel that the support from both parties has been invaluable. We’re passionate about the work Code is doing and it’s been a match made in heaven, coming together to work on an issue we both care deeply about,” concluded Thomson.

In a similar vein, the company also put its support behind the annual GoGirl Go4IT event which Claire March said was “….definitely in line with our ethos, of doing good inside the communities in which we operate, and encouraging more women into the tech sector.:”

Claire March and Brent Thomson in attendance at the 2018 GoGirl Go4IT event

The art of being a good host

While Envato often sponsors external organisations and events, sometimes the biggest help is simply being a good host. Julian Doherty started the Elixir Melbourne group three years ago for fellow Elixir-focussed developers, and these meetups often happen after hours – with pizza! – in Envato’s Melbourne HQ.

A gathering at Envato HQ for the Elixir Melbourne Meetup.
A gathering at Envato HQ for the Elixir Melbourne Meetup.

“At the start it was pretty small, but now we get up to 30 or 40 people each time, and sometimes more than 100 when we do introduction nights,” says Doherty.

“People certainly see the meetup as a starting point in their journey to being part of the wider Elixir community here in Melbourne.”

And Doherty says that interest in Elixir as a programming language is only growing. “It’s starting to take off, a lot of companies likes us are seeing real value in using it solve a certain class of problems. It also works very smoothly with other languages like Ruby, working in parallel and helping you scale your work up quickly as required. It’s becoming very popular, and there are some startups I know of that are using it for everything.”

“So it’s great that we’re in a position at Envato to be able to support this growing community in some shape or form.”

Another pair of happy Elixir participants.

Be like Chidi

On The Good Place, Chidi, the indecisive academic soulmate of the show, is forever trying to explain the ins and outs of moral philosophy to the rest of the group. In attempting to explain utilitarianism to the other characters, Chidi notes that “…the correct choice is the one that causes the most good or pleasure.” While the extremes of this position are plain to see, a focus on doing good and supporting the positive elements of Victoria’s tech community has helped Envato have a positive influence in many areas of focus, be it development talent or diversity and inclusion.

Have a partnership idea you would like to recommend? Get in touch here.

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Top 10 Video Backgrounds on Envato Elements

Design news & inspiration A few things we published this week What you need to know before you SEO, from …

People are consuming online video at an increasing rate. More than half of all people watch online video every single …


More and more designers are using parallax as a key feature of their designs and themes, while it does have …

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How Ubiquity Became a Liability for Burberry

It’s the early 2000s. And, on the streets of London, it’s raining.

As is natural, people are bursting their umbrellas open. But as they do, a precarious view forms from above. All the umbrellas are lined with the same Burberry pattern.

While many brands would relish the chance to be ubiquitous, for a luxury label overexposure isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Founded by Thomas Burberry in 1856, the brand became a household name after mastering the art of water resistant coats. By the time World War I rolled around, the item had become so trusted by Britons that they were issued to officers, earning the name “trench coats”.

The coats would become an icon in their own right. Synonymous with arctic explorers, and famous aviators. After the war they transitioned from being an outdoor garment to a luxury item.

And in the 1920s, a beige, black, red, and white pattern would be added to the inside lining of the garment. It would become the brand’s emblem.

The coats continued to pop up in notable places, including on Humphrey Bogart, and Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca.

But on an unassuming day at the Paris Burberry store, the underexposed pattern would take its first step to becoming an icon. The store’s manager was trying to liven up the display of trench coats when she decided to turn one of them inside out. It gave her the splash of color she needed. But also produced a sea of customers clamoring for more items baring the brand’s tartan.

In response to the demand, Burberry released an umbrella covered in it, which sold out quickly, and a cashmere scarf, which received a similar reception.

The 70s and 80s saw the rise of the “Sloane Ranger”. People Town & Country describe as not exactly aristocrats, but as people who “belonged to certain families had been educated at certain schools, had certain jobs, drove certain cars, had country houses decorated just so, and wore a uniform that made them easy to spot.”

That uniform consisted of items from Gucci, Hermes, and, of course, Burberry. But in tasteful, light-touch ways. “Quiet luxury is still luxury after all,” the publication notes.

Although the 70s and 80s brought a new demographic to these luxury brands, its clothes very much remained in the hands of the elite.

That was until the 90s.

The “Logo wave” of that era saw lower classes get their hands on clothing with luxury logos on them, with little regard for whether they were authentic or counterfeit. Gucci, Chanel, and Burberry logos were being loudly worn by lower income demographics, and swaths of tourists.

In some ways the company embraced the trend, bathing the cast of a Kate Moss led brand campaign from 2000 in clothes with the pattern.

And for a while the strategy was a success, with sales increasing in the UK and US.

But ubiquity came at a cost.

And in 2002, a tabloid photo of British soap opera actress Daniella Westbrook wearing head to toe Burberry tartan (even her child’s pram is lined with it) represented a watershed moment in the value the company was getting.

The rise of the “chav” – lower income lads, and football hooligans – bathing themselves in the brand’s emblem didn’t help. Burberry’s international sales skyrocketed, but their UK sales dwindled.

“If it rained in London in the early 2000s, a sea of Burberry umbrellas would envelope the street,” according to Sleek.

With its brand overexposed, in 2006, Angela Ahrendts became the company’s new CEO. And she, along with Christopher Bailey as its chief creative officer, decided to aggressively buy back licenses of its tartan pattern and become more restrictive of where it was used.

Restoring the pattern to being more of an embellishment on the inside of a garment, helped lift the brand’s revenue 27 percent in 2011.

And although the brand is dipping its toe back into its 90s “chav” past  as part of a streetwear collaboration with Gosha Rubchinskiy for fashion week in 2018, balance has now been restored on the rainy streets of London.

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After Effects Slideshow Templates | VideoHive

After Effects Slideshow Templates can turn an album of photos into engaging video. They’re simple to use, and easy to edit together. Most of the work you have to do is inserting your photos into the placeholders indicated, then rendering the video. You’ll be done in no time, and the results are often stunning. Here are 10 trending After Effects slideshow templates from Envato’s VideoHive.

Slideshow by x_studio

  • Bold and eye-catching
  • Fast-paced template oozing energy
  • Great for a youthful brand

Slideshow by NikFek

  • Stylish and sleek
  • Good for a fashion brand
  • Fast-paced but smooth

Timeline Slideshow by alexeguy

  • Serious, blending information with imagery
  • Good for a news brand or corporate
  • Includes Instagram Stories mode

Glitch Slideshow by BeMothod

  • Extremely trendy and bold
  • Bright colors and eye-catching animations
  • Perfect for an edgy brand

Photo Slideshow by MDbani

  • Elegant polaroid concept
  • Perfect for family photos
  • Great for something sentimental

Illusions // Photo Slideshow by Majoroff

  • Stunning black and white template that blends sleek animation with high quality photography
  • Great for fashion and luxury brands

Business Showcase_Modern Grid 02 by mixmedia87

  • Interesting grid animated concept
  • Sleek and professional, great for a corporate

Elegant Frames by Media_Stock

  • Beautiful watercolor frame concept
  • Will turn your photos into an engaging video

Slideshow by i-Minimalist

  • Authentic scrapbook feel that blends text with multiple layers of photos
  • Sentimental and playful at the same time

Slideshow by D-Music

  • Smooth and energetic with unique transitions, and text animations
  • Colorful, fun, and visually engaging

Video Credits

Video by Dom Hennequin

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