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History | Omaha Advertising Magic!


92 West was started by two brothers in the Summer of 2000 with a goal of creating a passionate and pragmatic thinking design studio.  Our marketing experience and innovative design help our clients realize the full potential of their vision and assist in achieving their end goals.

The measure of our clients success is the ruler that we use to gauge our own — we design to impact and strengthen your customer relationships.


Our Approach | Marketing that Makes Sense!


The process of marketing for any given company or demographic is essentially one of problem identification and solving.  Our  approach examines how to satisfy the clients goals while fulfilling the customer needs.  Once those are identified we then choose and utilizing the appropriate technology and implement the creative and strategic solution.

Trusted. Reliable. Driven

The best relationships go two ways and that’s the way we here at 92 West develop our repoir and reputation with our clients. We create a foundation of mutual trust, positive collaboration and open communication.

We have built great partnerships.


Our Advertising and Design Professionals


Troy Kadavy | Creative Director
Small Town Kid. Big Creative.

Troy was raised in the small village of Mead, Nebraska; population 615.  Nothing but corn fields and spare time, which is probably why he has such an imagination.

Troy heads up the team as Creative Director and lead programmer on our web projects. He brings 10 years of advertising experience to the plate and has worked with media giants, international architecture firms, professional athletes as well as well known musicians. He’s the driving force behind our creative process and one of the keys to our success.

Bachelor of Arts / Web Design
Bellevue University
Bellevue, Nebraska

Associate of Applied Science in Electronic Imaging and Media Arts
Metropolitan Community College
Elkhorn, Nebraska

Quote to Live by:
“Son, know that you are good, but realize that tomorrow you can do better.”

Favorite Beer:
PBR (It’s a family thing.)

Favorite Cartoon:

Building Better Brands
How Magazine
Caffeine for the Creative Mind
The Power of FOCUS


Jamie Kadavy | Search Engine Optimization
Camera in Hand. Mud, Guts and Glory Await!

Jamie is one of the founders of 92 West and has been with us from the very beginning. He has a passion for the business and his ideas, drive and determination help 92 West lead the way.

Jamie has served three times in Iraq, which as further enhanced his character. To him, great design is about perception and that greatness contributes to the moral, social and economic goodness. It’s a great calling.

Associates of Applied Science
Graphic Design
Pen Foster University
Scranton, Pennsylvania

Halo & Exercise

Favorite Beer:
PBR (Still a family thing.)


Chris Carranza | Web and Mobile Application Development
Code Slinging Ninja

Chris is the newest member of our team and his depth of talent warrants respect. Truly, he has an amazing conduit between concept and execution. This combined with the diverse corral of talent at his disposal makes it easy for him to keep the client happy and the project on course. Chris has served for over 10 years in the Military, with two tours of duty in Iraq.


Masters of Applied Sciences
Information Technology
Kaplan University
Omaha, Nebraska
Bachelor of Applied Sciences
Web Design
Kaplan University
Omaha, Nebraska

Associate of Applied Science
ITT Technical Institute
Omaha, Nebraska

Geek Fact:
Chris spent 2 hours hacking his PC
to run his Wii Games. (We don’t
hold the home PC against him.)

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