How to Edit Text in Photoshop For Beginners

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Finding good detailed simple instructions for Photoshop has to be harder than having your tonsils taken out. So after struggling to find how to edit text in Photoshop, I thought I'd simplify it here for you.

Here is a plea from a customer that we helped.

I checked the Adobe help and followed the instructions of selecting the Type tool, select the layer and then click in the existing text area to edit. It keeps creating a new freakin 'layer. What am I missing? I'm so tired of futzing with this. There's times when I click in the text and it activates where I can go ahead and make changes. Why is this so random? I'm sure it's some trick that photoshop users from years ago know automatically. HELP!

Here is our answer:

It really is EASY – if only the instructions were. 🙂

Open Photoshop. Open the PSD document that you want to edit. Click on the 'T' icon in the left side bar (that is the text icon). If the toolbar is not on the left side, click on the tab at the top called 'Windows' and check 'Tools' and it will appear.

Now, move your cursor over the text area that you want to edit and 'right click' and it will be highlighted. Now you start typing the text. You can also move this text around by moving the cursor just below the text until an arrow with crosshairs appears. Right click and move your mouse until you have the text where you want it. Then left click and it is now moved.

Simple. If you have any questions or comments, I'd love to hear from you. Contact me at We can do custom PSD designs for your personal website or business.

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