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Electronic document format is what Portable Document format all about and it is the product of Adobe Systems. At first, the format had been introduced to be used by the US authorities so that they could store and save documents however now even general public has an access to make use of it. To share data or send information electronically over the Net, people bring into usage this form, make use of PDF converter if they need converting files and then send them across various platforms over the Web.

PDF documents are used in various fields such as in sectors, educational organizations, or in general for other data sharing processes. It is by making use of any popular platform that such documents could be created. The platforms that could be used are Windows, Mac or Linux. Why these could be used because they look very identical and since the format stores fonts, and other content well on its own so it remains one best choice for all. Content in a file could be strongly protected with the help of password protection feature, so this mode becomes very secure when information needs to be shared with others on the Internet.

Let us peep into the roots of the format:

Adobe Inc. came into being in the year 1982 in California and its main projects relate this format. After making an entry into the software market with its well-known product, Photoshop, it has only done well in its domain. It is with a cross-platform PDF converter product when introduced that Adobe shot its road to fame. The idea behind coming up with this class of data sharing was that there should never be felt a need to own a special processing in computer system so that files could be viewed by anyone. The biggest benefit that it offers is that a sender can be at ease when transferring data over the Net to someone else due to high level protection to the data. At the earlier stages, it was not able to get as much popularity as it has in today's time.

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