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The steps needed to create a website have changed a lot in the past decade. Ten years ago, creating a website would involve finding reliable hosting, learning a basic programming language and frustration over designing something visually appealing. Fortunately, things have progressed since the days of dial-up Internet access and gray desktop computers literally filling your entire workspace. Online website creators such as BaseKit have taken something complex and made it simple. Accessed through your web browser, online website builders empower users with the tools needed to create a website without the need to code. With hosting included and access to powerful widgets such as Google Checkout, it is possible to create a small business website in next to no time.

If you are creating a website for the very first time, you must decide what the overarching goal of your website is. Are you a young designer looking to share your portfolio with a global audience? Are you a small business seeking to increase some revenue through an online channel? Are you an entirely web-based business? Once you know what your needs and goals are, sign up for an account with an easy to use website builder like BaseKit.

Once you have registered for an account, take some time to consider what you want the name of your website to be. The name of your website is also known as your domain. Many of the packages available at BaseKit include a free domain so take advantage of it.

Now you have a website and a name, it's time for the fun part – making it look sleek and sexy. Back in the day, it would cost you a small fortune to hire a web designer to design your site. Fortunately for you, today's website builders include hundreds of professionally-designed templates ready for you to use and adapt. Our advice would be to take advantage of the professionally-created templates and add little touches of your own to customize to your liking. This will save you some time whilst still adding some personalization. Of course if you are feeling more ambitious, BaseKit offers a neat little feature where you can create a template in Adobe Photoshop and then the site will convert it to HTML for you.

Finally, add the necessary widgets for your needs. In BaseKit, it is as simple as drag and drop. To start marketing your brand, we recommend incorporating Facebook and Twitter widgets at a minimum. This will allow you to monitor the conversation about your brand online. If you are a blogger, also sync your RSS feed to your website. For small businesses, Google Checkout and shopping cart are godsends.

Good luck and have fun creating!

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