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I have been to Events, Parties, Amusement Parks, Races, and I always see Companies taking pictures for Companies and give it away for free. But wait there is always a catch. Those Companies giving away the photos either have you fill out a survey, go online and their website first or put their branding on the photo. What a great concept. They then use your information either to send you advertising at a later time or have you fill a survey and see what you think of their products. I thought about starting a photography company and start little maybe parties and Bar Mitzvahs first.


I would first set up a website and print some business cards. Then get a good Camera, Laptop, Printer and software. There are plenty of Professional Photography Equipment Stores online.


You need to test everything and make sure you know what you are doing. Have a get to gather and snap photos and print them right away. Time yourself so if your clients ask you know how long it takes. I started Taking picture on my camera and using a compact flash card to transfer the photos to the laptop. I started using Photoshop to print all photos and add client’s logo to the photo. There is better software where the camera connects directly to the laptop and you have instant access to the photo and may print it faster check out Imaging Spectrum. Also go to events and see what other Companies are doing.


You will also need to call competitors and see what you should charge. What packages do they have? Do they print onsite? What is there sales pitch? Ask for samples and ensure your quality is as good or better.


Finding clients is the hard part. Go to hotels and your local planners and pitch your services. Offer to do a Party for free but maybe only 2 hours services so you can market and channel at the party. Word of mouth is the best advertising

What is Green Screen Photography?

What is very popular now is Green Screen Photography. This way you could do theme events and offer Green Screen Photos.

What is very popular now is Green Screen Photography. This way you could do theme events and offer Green Screen Photos. What is Green Screen Photography? Green Screen Photography is when you shoot your subject in front of a green backdrop and then the computer software takes out all the green in the photo. From there you can add any kind of background behind or in front of the subject of the photo you just took. The computer software will automatically merge the two images together creating one great fantasy photo.

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