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A home based photography business can be a lucrative business. You can earn as much as $ 40,000 per year or even more. The best thing is you don't need fancy stuffs to get started. All you need is just a simple digital camera preferably 8 megapixels and above, adobe photoshop software, computer and an internet connection.

1. Start Taking Pictures

The first thing you need to of course start taking pictures. You can take any picture but make sure the picture that you take is professionally looking. That's why you will need adobe photoshop, to polish your picture a little bit.

2. Identify Your Business Model

There are two types of business model for home based photography business. Those who take order for special events such as wedding or sweet 17, and those that sells their pictures for royalty income.

You can also sell your photos to online stock photography sites where you can get paid on a recurring commission each time someone buys your photos.

What is your strength and weakness? Are you a single mom or college student? Can you afford to travel for days?

Answering those questions will help you uncover your business model.

3. Promote Your Business

No matter how good your product, you need to spread the words about it. Your product will not promote itself. You, as the creator of the product, that will need to promote the product.

After you identified your business model, now you can choose how you would like to market your service.

If you choose to take order for special events, you might want to create simple website and put advertising at your local newspaper or through pay-per-click search engine such as Google AdWords.

Because you offer your service directly, you can afford to charge higher price even though the job will make you feel more tired.

Another alternative is to sell your pictures for royalty income to websites such as Istockphoto.com or Fotolia.com. Through these websites, you can earn passive income for selling your photos for royalty income.

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