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One of the most popular and most appealing effects for photographs is the sepia effect. This effect adds an old world feel to your photograph and also induces a nostalgic feeling.

By virtue of this effect, your entire photograph will be in color or black and white while just the subject of your photograph will appear in the sepia mode. This effect, if properly used, can add a grand and classy look to your picture. You can achieve this effect using Photoshop.

Select the image on which you want to use this effect and then open it in Photoshop. Once the image is ready, select the area that you want to be in sepia. For this, you need to use the rectangular marquee tool. After you have successfully selected the required region, you need to invert your selection. Now you need to edit this region. It is quite a good idea to use the black and white effect for the rest of the photograph.

You can also use the blurring effect in addition to the black and white effect so that the focus of the viewer remains on the part of the picture in sepia. For the black and white effect, you must desaturate the inserted selection region completely. The amount of blurring and the kind of blurring depends on your choice and the resolution of your picture. Some pictures go well with certain kinds of blurring techniques.

Now, you must inverse the selection again to add the sepia effect. Using the Hue / Saturation window in Photoshop, you have to induce the sepia effect. For this, moving the saturation slider till 10 will do the trick. Adjust the lighting and hue using the Colorize box.

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