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OK, you are now the proud owner of Photoshop. Now you just need help to figure out how to use it. Let us have a look at some Photoshop help with text. Text can be confusing. In its self, it is an awesome subject and there is just so much flexibility that text can give you. Learning Photoshop text will not come over night. The more time you spend playing with Photoshop the more you will understand it.

Let us take a general look at Photoshop text.

To add any text to a Photoshop document, a single letter or a paragraph you have to use Photoshop's Type Tool. This is found together with all of other tools in the Tools palette. It is the one which has a capital T as its icon. (A quick tip. To get to Text, is to simply hit the letter T on your keyboard) When you use it to enter text into your document, the text appears horizontally as you would expect. Of course, you may well ask the question, is there a Vertical Type Tool? The answer is yes.

The Horizontal Type Tool is only one of four different tools that Photoshop gives you in the Tools palette. The one shows by default. Simply because it's most likely the only one you will use, the other three tools are the Vertical, Horizontal Type Mask Tool, and the Vertical Type Mask Tool. will never have cause to use the others.

To add text to your Photoshop document, with Type selected, just click anywhere inside the document window and start typing. When you have finished typing your text, your normal reaction would be to press Enter to have Photoshop save your text. Problem is, when you hit enter, Photoshop just moves you down to the next line so you can continue typing. By selecting enter on your number pad or alternately you can exit type by choosing another tool from the Tools pallet. This will have the effect of knocking out of type mode and will save your text at the same time.

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