Search Engine Starter Package

1.  Keyword Research and Recommendation.
2.  Content Updates – Apply or Adjust Heading Tags, Bold Content
3.  Meta Tag Updates – Title Tag, Description and Keywords

Detailed Analysis of Current Site, Recommendations for Improvements Needed to Acquire Page 1, Rank 1 Results. Executive Summary and Action Items to Complete to Achieve SEO Goals.

1.  Account Creation for Use In Posting Articles
to Selected Article Directories
2.  Rewrite Related Article and Implement Keywords
to Article Directories
3.  Verify Article Acceptance
4.  Alexa Rank Improvement Analysis
5.  Backlinking to Related Blogs / Websites
6.  RSS Feed Submissions to RSS Feed Directories
7.  High Page Rank Backlinks

Backlink Improvement Report and High Page Rank Backlink(s)
Locations Verified.

We can track the keyword rankings of all of your keywords, along with your traffic to your website and your bounce rate. The more keywords you have on page 1 the more target traffic your website will receive. The more target traffic your website recieves you should have a lower bounce rate, along with a longer average time on the site. At the end of each month (3 months) you will receive and easy to follow progress report to see improvements.

Total Estimated Cost

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Skutt Catholic

92 West was contacted by Skutt Catholic High School in November of 2013 and was looking for an update to their existing website with responsive design / development in mind.  We set out to create a fundamentally simple way to incorporate all their existing content (over 300 pages) into an easily learned content management system; ExpressionEngine.

The results speak for themselves.  We combined over 20 different departments into seven template (publishing) groups which allows the administration freedom to post content in a variety of ways while keeping the content editing simple and standard across the platform.  Please check out and tell us your thoughts on this new, responsive, CMS driven website.

ExpressionEngine, NavEE, Editor, Channel Images, Channel Video, Forms, SuperSearch, LowSearch, Password Manager and SEO Lite.

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