American Design Award Winner

American Design Awards
American Design Awards

In December 92 West released version three of the website. With sound copy, creative design and great clients to showcase our abilities we were able to win this award. 92 West officially scored a 98 of a possible 100 and were the best of 381 entries.

The monthly competition is based on the following criteria and point structure.
Creativity: 40 Points
Creativity is the most important aspect in design. It refers to the unique artistic method in which the intended goal was acheived.

Effectiveness: 30 Points
Design and creativity aside, does the design piece effectively communicate the intended message to the audience?

Practicality: 30 Points
How does the design measure up in real-life circumstances in terms of speed and load times, accessibility, flow, etc.?

Ethics: Pass or Fail
A set of values by which the graphic design industry needs to abide by, in order to become successful and viable.

92 West is proud of what we have done and we are looking forward to what the new year brings.

Best wishes!

Troy Kadavy
Creative Director
92 West

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Suite C
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92 West. Creative Design. Original Concepts.

It’s been almost ten years since my brother and I took on the challenge of building a design agency and we’ve learned quite a bit… changed the way we did business… improved other peoples brands and have helped many companies create a strategy for success. I’m happy to say that we’re as thrilled now as we were then.  The excitement behind building a brand or helping an established business find ways to reinvent their look and establish relationships with new customers. Truly, this is one of the great paths in life… a road that allows us here at 92 West to positively effect businesses and leave a meaningful and lasting impact on our clients customers.

Over the next few months we’re going to be putting together a number of video’s up on our blog that will help explain various aspects of design and branding building… even some of the basic SEO strategies we use to improve placement.  For now though, I’ve included a list of what we do below and should your needs fit our services we’d love to hear from you.

Troy Kadavy
Creative Director
92 West

Brand Strategy:
A brand is a source of a promise to the consumer; it’s a simple truth in marketing. The promise is relevant with differentiated benefits. Everything an organization does should be focused on enhancing delivery against its brand’s promise.

Combining a few different definitions, a brand is the name and symbols that identify:
– The source of a relationship with the consumer
– The source of a promise to the consumer
– The unique source of products and services
– The single concept that you own inside the mind of the prospect
– The sum total of each customer’s experience with your organization

Leading organizations have discovered that brands, as well as their people, are their most valuable asset. A strong brand will deliver substantial benefits. Contact 92 West and we will help you spearhead this effort and release the full potential of your brand.

Identity and Logo Design

We at 92 West believe the best design will always start with a deep understanding of the brand and the consumer. That’s why our design process begins with an immersion into the marketplace, the brand and, most importantly, we dive deep into the minds of the people most likely to buy your brand. Just not a great look, it is a relevant design with the power to inspire and move someone.

Logo Design / Identity Creation
Brand and Identity Management
Brand Positioning

Graphic Design – Print

ah… the smell of paper stock

The  visual identity of your company serves to reinforce a consumers’ perceptions of the value and quality of the company’s goods and services. A consistent application of the identity across different media serves to create a unified brand experience for a company’s customers.

Collateral materials such as business cards, letterhead, brochures, and presentations are all opportunities for a company to communicate its brand. Our print materials provide a consistent, accurate expression of a company’s positioning and distinctive attributes.

Stationary Packages
Business Cards
Postcards / Direct Mail
Letter Shop
Newsprint & Magazine
Banners & Displays

Web Design & Website Development

the language of geek… we speak it well

Whether the objectives are to create a new business channel, customer support, or to deliver a message, a company’s presence on the web is just as important as your brick and mortar influences.  92 West balances the business requirements while keeping in line with the customer needs and budget criteria.

Web Design & Development
Content Management Systems
E-Mail Template Design
BLOG Install / Design
E-Commerce Sites
Banner Ad Development
SEO Services
ActionScript 3.0 and 2.0
PHP, ASP, ColdFusion


Basic Hosting
10 GB bandwidth
500 MB storage
5 domains
10 email accounts

Business Hosting
30 GB bandwidth
2000 MB storage
20 domains
20 email accounts
C-PANEL access

Professional Hosting
50 GB bandwidth
4000 MB storage
unlimited domains
unlimited email accounts
C-PANEL access


point. click. shoot.

Quality images of your staff and products are all part of your daily business needs.  We balance your needs with a solid product that you can use time and time again.

Staff Photography
Product Shots
Photo Touch-Up
Architecture Shots

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