92 West Launches Develops DOGGSTARR’s Logo, Branding and E-commerce Website

92 West was contacted by DOGGSTARR for a logo, branding and an e-commerce site with content management abilities. The logo reflected the owner’s love of his two Saint Bernards and a color selection that is typical of that breed. Once the logo was decided upon 92 West created a branding scheme to be applied to DOGGSTARR’s advertising for future use. The website that was created utilized a content management system (CMS) developed by Soholaunch; which 92 West is an approved affiliate. The tool allows the administration to update text, images, create forms and manage an e-commerce section with a variety of payment gateways that is user friendly and easily taught to even the most novice of users. We also applied our basic SEO process to the site which allows for better search engine placement and more traffic to the site through nature search. Please visit DOGGSTARR.com or read below for additional information on their company and products.


DOGGSTARR Company Overview

DOGGSTARR’s website was created with one single goal, to provide all dog owners a one stop shop for all high end, high quality products for your dogs. For years we have search for a website like this and found that there was really not much out there for dog owners. we are constantly looking and will provide you other quality products here in the near future that will keep your dogs safe, in good health and happy. DOGGSTARR know’s that your pets need to be well taken care of and our dedication to your satisfaction is our number one goal.


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