92 West Wins Two Website Design Awards

DesignFirms Web Award for 2007 - 2008
92 West has been awarded the DesignFirms Web Award for our own portfolio / marketing site as well as the work we have done for the 2007 Allstar Cappie Pondexter of the WNBA’s Mercury Phoenix.  We at 92 West are happy to have received not one, but two winning entries for the May listing and we have posted criteria and stats in which we were judged upon below.

Title of Site: Cappie Pondexter
Site URL: http://www.cappiepondexter.com
Designer(s) Name: Troy Kadavy, Tom Luke
Designer Website:

27 points = Creativity & Design
26 points = Programming & Compatibily
27 points = Ease of use & Effectiveness
Your web site received a score of: 80 out of a possible 99 points

Title of Site: 92 West || Design with Impact
Site URL:
Designer Name: Troy Kadavy, Tom Luke, Jamie Kadavy
Designer Website: www.92west.com


29 points = Creativity & Design
26 points = Programming & Compatibily
28 points = Ease of use & Effectiveness
Your web site received a score of: 83 out of a possible 99 points


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92 West Launches Reed Design, Inc’s New Website

Reed Design, Inc.

92 West was contact by Reed Design, Inc., located in Omaha, Nebraska, to revamp their current site and assist with their SEO needs.  We developed a short-term and long-term plan to assist with their search engine placement and then developed concepts that reflected the clients request for a lo-fi grunge style while keeping a semi-monochromatic color scheme. The Reed Design, Inc. site utilizes flash, audio and video to keep the end user visually captivated while information them of RD’s architecture services and portfolio of work. Please visit Reed Design, Inc. or read below for additional details.


Reed Design Inc. Overview
Reed Design Architects is a full service architectural design practice located in Omaha, Nebraska. Since incorporation in 1997, RDA has built a reputation in business based upon diligence and a belief in building relationships. Built upon trust and the realization that client satisfaction is our ultimate goal, RDA has a long list of repeat clientele.

The mission at Reed Design Architects is simple: Strive to build lasting relationships through client satisfaction. We achieve this by accommodating established schedules, being realistic and proactive with regard to budget concerns, and producing technically superior drawing packages, in addition to providing the most sophisticated design solutions available. Our commitment to working as a team and constantly working to improve the services that we provide describes our approach to all projects of which we are a part.

Our ability to capture the aesthetic nature in architecture of the image or feeling that our client’s posses when beginning a construction project has aided in our receiving opportunities to execute projects of significant scale and involvement. At Reed Design Architects, we are proud of our history of satisfied clients.

Our corporate portfolio includes the design of, commercial tenant finishes, office buildings, medical office spaces, worship facilities, custom luxury homes, residential rehabilitation and remodeling, multi-family residential condominiums and apartments, as well as acting as consultants in land use and development studies. From concept to completion, our goal is to deliver innovative, functional designs that meet our clients’ specific needs.

Link References:

Please contact 92 West for any of your marketing or advertising needs at 402.620.CODE or by visiting www.92west.com

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Small Advertising Campaign Launched for “Naked in a Fishbowl”

Naked in a Fishbowl
92 West was contacted by What Women Talk About to create a small campaign that highlights their Unscripted, Uninhibited and Wildly Entertaining Improv-Comedy based on the lives of four women in New York City. Our efforts included designs for prints ads, direct-mail as well as a website which all focus on informing the public on the upcoming shows to take place this August at the New York International Fringe Festival!

Please look below or visit Naked in a Fishbowl’s website for details and showtimes.

This exciting improvised play is a unique theatrical event that eavesdrops on the lives of four young women in New York City. Audiences watch a new story unfold every night as the actresses are given a new location and scenario. The lives of Bonnie, Jean, Sophie, and Sara are completely exposed in original nightly performances full of raw humor, startling honesty, and infectious comedy. Unlike anything else on the New York stage.

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Search Marketing Has Real Impact

These days building a successful media plan without search engine marketing is essentially preventing your company from being a superstar and letting your competition win. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a one-time job, but requires a ongoing general maintenance to keep your ranking and traffic up. From a technical perspective, search engines take into consideration the “freshness factor” which means that sites with updated content will consistently rank higher than sites with out-dated content. Search engines are constantly revising and amending their rules for mapping keywords, so it’s important to keep abreast and make relevant changes. What’s more, the way that people refer to your industry, your products and your services, as well as trendy industry jargon, may change over time. Your key phrases will need to be updated continuously with these changes in mind.

For natural search use keyword research tools to learn the actual terms searchers use. There is often a disconnect between what searchers want and what marketers think they want. Recent research found that search terms with one to three phrase terms comprise of 70 percent of searches. One good practice is to consider optimization for phrases rather than single terms. Typically this means less competition and greater relevance for the searcher, making conversions or purchase more likely. The page title or “title tag” is the most important on-page web site SEO factor. Every page title should be unique. The primary keyword/phrase should be at the beginning; put your company name at the end.

A page can’t rank for “omaha marketing” if the search engine can’t figure out the page is about omaha marketing. To develop quality searchable content write naturally for humans, but use your primary keywords in your page copy when appropriate. Sites that are content driven and don’t rely to heavily on techniques like Flash to communicate a message are more favorably interpreted by the bots from the engines, while creating a clearer path for a visitor from a conversion standpoint.

Paid search, the placing of ads for products and services on search engines and content sites on the Internet, continues to be a leading technique for search engine marketers. The big three, Google, Yahoo, and MSN each provide geo-targeting and dayparting capabilities for search results, but MSN is currently the leader in providing demographic targeting tools. Understanding which keywords generate traffic, leads and sales opportunities and testing different versions of a message to see which one results in higher click through rates is necessary for success.

Executives predict that the industry is likely to become more regulated, however the future search will focus a lot on relevancy and personalization. Therefore social search is likely to become a more important tool and worthy of ad spend dollars. There is a wealth of potential waiting to be realized in online advertising and within pay-per-click specifically. While billions of dollars are spent annually, billions more are still waiting to be invested.

To learn more on how 92 West can assist your website please contact us by calling Tom Luke at 402.650.2917 or by clicking here to request a quote.

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