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The best kind of marketing is the kind you don’t have to do yourself. Especially if you’re a small business on the web with limited time & a small budget. Call it word-of-mouth, refer-a-friend, or organic, viral marketing was the world’s first form of marketing. Now the Internet has taken this form of marketing to new heights by making communications cheaper, faster, & easier making word-of-mouth even more effective. Although sometimes hard to control, the goal of a viral marketer is to create “buzz” about a product or idea, so that the idea spreads widely. Response rates increase dramatically when users can see that a message is coming from a friend, so why not use the Net the way it was meant to be used.

“Free” is the most powerful word in a marketer’s vocabulary. Most viral marketing programs give away valuable products or services to attract attention. You may not profit today, or tomorrow, but if you can generate a valid interest from something free, you will profit soon and create that all so important relationship that leads to ongoing revenue. One of the best examples of the new viral marketing has to be HotMail, which soon was copied by Yahoo offering free e-mail service. They simply attached their URL to every e-mail that their users sent out. Before they knew it, HotMail had more e-mail users than the largest ISP.

Viruses only spread when they’re easy to transmit. The medium that carries your marketing message must be easy to transfer and replicate such as e-mail, web-site, graphic, or software download. Viral marketing works wonderfully on the Internet because instant communication has become so easy and inexpensive. Electronic formats make copying simple and easy to pass on to peers and friends. Simplify your marketing message so it can be transmitted easily and without being altered. Keep it short and simple.

Smart viral marketing plans take advantage of common human needs. Use the desire to be important, popular, understood, loved and getting noticed. Design a marketing strategy that pushes common human buttons for its transmission, and you will have a winner.

Most of us are social creatures. Social experts tell us that each person has a network of 8 to 12 people in their close network of friends, family, and associates. A person’s broader network may consist of hundreds, or even thousands of people, depending upon their position in society. Internet social sites develop networks of relationships, too. They collect e-mail addresses and favorite website URLs creating extensive permissible opt-in e-mail lists. Learn to place your message into existing communications between people, and you rapidly multiply its reach.

The most successful viral marketing plans use others’ resources to get the word out. Marketer’s who give away free articles, seek to position their articles on others’ webpages. A news release can be picked up by hundreds of publications and form the basis of articles seen by hundreds of thousands of readers. Now someone else’s web site is relaying your marketing message. Someone else’s resources are depleted rather than your own. Why not take advantage of other’s resources to grow your business.


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A few weeks ago I and Tom begain locating award websites for our design work and we’ve started to see our efforts pay off. sent an e-mail out this morning notifying us that we were accepted for the voting process. It’s a nice honor to have since we’ll be residing with and or against some of the best in the industry.

Cool Web Awards combines the top web site designs, logos, web site intros , flash designs and many more on one place…! All these entries are voted by the website’s visitors! Search more of the web using this fantastic service that will list only the best website designs.


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Cappie Pondexter’s Official Website Designed by 92 West

Please check out the full site and then vote when you have the opportunity.


Troy Kadavy
Creative Director
92 West

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Website Design to Meet Your Marketing & Advertising Needs.

Website design takes innovative thinking, creative design and skilled programming to make a site meet your brand building needs as well as your business goals. Here at 92 West we make sure that your online presence is beautifully designed, is easy to use and supports / extends your brand name. All of our sites begin with a client meeting to go over our general questionnaire. This document is simple in nature, but it allows our staff to further analyze and plan the structure of the site even before we begin the concepts; saving you time and money.

92 West has developed websites for a variety of large and small clients and we do a great job at meeting your budget needs while keeping your end desired result and functionality in mind. Please feel free to look over our process below and our portfolio of work on the main site to see what 92 West can do for you. Should you need a quote for a upcoming project please call Tom Luke at 402.650.2917 or request a proposal by clicking here.

92 West’s General Questionnaire

    1. What is the purpose of the site: Information, Marketing or E-commerce
    2. Technology Desired: E-commerce, Blog, Flash, Content Management E-Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Forms, Streaming Audio/Video
    3. Target Audience
    4. Competitors
    5. Business Plan
    6. Desired Marketing Approach
    7. List of 5 sites that the client likes and why.
    8. List of 5 sites that the client dislikes and why.
    9. Color Scheme
    10. Domain Registration – Public/Private/Business
    11. Content:
      1. Sitemap: List of links wanted on the main navigation
      2. Estimate of 2nd tier links from the main navigation
      3. How will copy be created / provided
      4. E-mail addresses to be set-up
      5. Sub domains Wanted (i.e. or
      6. Contact Information
    12. Maintenance Needs
    13. Desired Budget

Deliverables: Detailed Estimate of Billable

92 West’s Web Development Process

Project Definition

  1. Client Needs Assessment
    1. Questionnaire
    2. Client Interviews
  2. Gather Content
    1. Graphics
    2. Existing Documents
    3. Plan content to be developed
    4. Interactive elements to be developed
  3. Organize content
  4. Identify Web Development team
  5. Clarify objectives, content, and scope
  6. Create Site Map
  7. Create project schedule & estimate
  8. Register domain name, set-up hosting and test environment

Deliverables: Site Map

2. Project Schedule

  1. Content & Design
    1. Design navigation scheme
    2. Develop content outline
    3. Establish design parameters
      1. Supported browsers
      2. Screen resolution
      3. Logos & repeated graphics
      4. Color scheme
    4. Design 2 home page concepts
      1. Submit comps to client
      2. Up to 3 rounds of revisions
    5. Develop 2 sub page concepts
      1. Submit comps to client
      2. Up to 3 rounds of revisions
    6. Clarify objectives, content, and scope

Deliverables: Approved concepts for home page and sub page

3. Production

  1. Prepare web hosting site
  2. Finalize content
  3. Develop site marketing & communication plan
  4. Produce required graphics
  5. Produce Style Sheets
  6. Produce Home page
  7. Produce sub pages
  8. Produce Flash & interactive elements
  9. Clarify objectives, content, and scope
  10. Set up development site

Deliverables: Development site for user testing

4. Launch

  1. Review development site with client
  2. User testing
  3. Implement site marketing plan
  4. Move content to production site
  5. Submit content to search engines

Deliverables: Final website



    1. Update content
    2. Update webpage(s)
    1. Create content
    2. Create webpage(s)
    • Update
    • Addition