Notes on Logo Design & Brand Application

A companies logo should be memorable, unique, solid in design and reflect the businesses core service(s) / products(s).  Truly, a great logo is more than just art; it’s your business identity and should embody your companies key attributes and brand promise while being distinctive at the same time.  Our logos are designed only after our team researches your market, your firms or clients objectives, positioning as well as consideration of the logo’s various application environments.


General Items To Note About Successful Logos and What They Should Accomplish.

Distinguish your company from your competition:
Be your own brand.  Emulating the leaders in your industry will not allow your firm to move ahead. Companies that are truly successful will set themselves apart, rather than looking alike (Exp: Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi, McDonalds vs. Burgerking, Microsoft vs. Apple)

Use Meaningful Colors that Reflect Your Industry:
Different colors and shades can have different effects on people because of color association.  Color psychology should be applied.  Color psychology is a field of study in which we as people analyze the effect of color on human behavior as well as how it impacts us emotionally.  In general, people may confuse color psychology with color symbolism, which for the purpose of this article we must avoid.  A typical symbolic example is that red is widely used to denote danger, in great part because of the fact that reds have the illusion of appearing nearer than other colors; thus having greater impact. In color psychology, our typical association with yellow and black is that of danger.  Another great comparison is that while green denotes envy in many cultures, in color psychology, it is associated with balance.

Use an appropriate font:
Your personal tastes should be weighed in, but as a decision maker of your companies appearance and path you should be mindful of your industry and what fonts make sense.

Be Straightforward:
Logos can have embellishments / ornaments and other elaborate features, but it should be simple enough to make a quick statement.

Make an intelligible and Distinct Statement:
The next time a customer needs your kind of business, he’ll choose you just because of brand recognition and how your brand reinforces that customers perception of the value and quality of your business.

A Note of LLC, Inc and Other Details:
Your logo does not need it. That type of detail can be saved for documentation about your company.

A logo should be designed to stand on it’s own, make an impact and visually describe what your business is or does.  Taglines are an important element that can be added to further establish what you want to say.  Taglines are not always recommended, but when kept short (3 to 5 words at the most) can be an important part of a company’s image.

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