92 West Launches New Site for PEP-Perspectives.com

PEP-Perspectives co-founder Sam came to Tom Luke, 92 West’s co-owner, to discus the potential of an online community for women who are passionate, empowering and positive. The website required a content management system (CMS), a way to track and post advertisements and a blog to allow women to comment on current articles and or experiences. Our solutions incorporated all of these aspects in a dynamic but cost effective way. Also included were flash elements that are used for the main horizontal navigation as well as an animated butterfly.

Please read more on the site below or feel free to visit PEP-Perspectives.com.

PEP-Perspectives founders, Sam and Janell, have been friends for years although they are very different personalities. Sam has been described as impulsive, outspoken, and captivating, with a fiery artistic temperament: Janell as stylish, observant, perspective, inspiring confidence and trust.

Each has pursued different paths over the years and different passions. There strong, mutual bond of friendship and respect has strengthened and supported them both, even when they’ve been separated by many miles and new life endeavors. In their conversations, they’ve shared numerous ideas, life’s lessons and each has been the recipient and the giver of advice. Both believe they have been blessed to have their “life’s paths” crossed. Both are convinced that they are stronger because of their friendship that is unconditional although their perspectives may be very different. And both have been driven to create a forum for other women to share their ideas and passions.

Hence, PEP-Perspectives – a community where women can network to find strength and support, humor, passion, and empowerment as well as sharing positive stories of life’s most important values.



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