Overcome Direct Mail Challenges in 2007

It’s no secret that each year the rising cost of print and postage make it more and more difficult to achieve a return on investment (ROI) when using direct mail as a marketing medium. After years of exposure to direct marketing, consumers have grown increasingly sophisticated, skeptical and wary. Packages must be stronger to become winners, as evidenced by the shrinking number of long-term controls (control: a marketing item that returns the best ROI when compared against other versions of a marketing campaign selling the same item) we see in the marketplace today. If you read the leading direct marketing publications you already know that larger percentages of marketing & advertising budgets are now being allocated to the electronic mediums, via the internet, since their cost is less and tracking response continues to become easier.

Be that as it may, direct mail still remains the single most targetable medium and is still the preferred method of contact for many customers since it is perceived as less intrusive than other media. Company’s continue to profit when direct mail campaigns are driven by customer database marketing and personalized print technology focused.

So with all that said what are the problems, & how are they overcome? I say look at the “3 C’s”: creativity, clutter, & credibility. In the past few years one of the most insidious trends to emerge is the mediocrity of all forms of creative. With ever advancing technology creative has lost its prominence and importance. Only those who seek to maintain the highest level of creative standards will get noticed.


Creative that worked one or two decades ago won’t work today. Marketers have to work more diligently then ever to get their message across in a fresh, compelling way. That means dynamic copy written with better skill and sophistication.


The more marketing messages that prospects receive, the less yours stands out. And today, consumers are exposed to more communications in general, and marketing messages specifically, then ever before. With all of the media noise competing for your prospects dollars is it any wonder why they do not remember your advertising or that your response rates are down? Most often a single promotion is not enough to break through the clutter. The solution is to target prospects with a series of regular marketing messages.


The degree of hype in marketing today is incredible. As a result, prospect cynicism is at an all-time high. Generally in direct mail promotions the copy that creates credibility comes later in the piece, after you’ve gotten their attention. We now advise that you start establishing credibility much earlier in the promotion, as early as the first or second page.

92 West strives to consistently raise the bar to produce fresh creative that allows your company break through the clutter and be seen as the expert in your field.

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